Wed, Aug 05, 2015

John Stossel | August 05, 2015

My town, New York City, enforces rigid gun laws. Police refused to assign me a gun permit. The law doesn't even let me hold a fake gun on TV to demonstrate something.

Walter E. Williams | August 05, 2015

A particular act or policy might not have a discriminatory intent, but that doesn't let you off the hook. If it has a disproportionately negative impact on so-called protected classes, it is said to have a disparate impact and risks being prohibited by law.

Brent Bozell | August 05, 2015

Arrogant liberal journalists naturally assume that conservative talk radio only succeeds in making Americans dumber. They reach this conclusion by avoiding conservative talk radio entirely.

Jonah Goldberg | August 05, 2015

The GOP-controlled Congress is taking up the cause, once again, of defunding Planned Parenthood. This latest effort comes in response to macabre hidden-camera videos shot by the Center for Medical Progress of staff at Planned Parenthood talking about the grisly practice of chopping up fetuses for parts.

Star Parker | August 05, 2015

Hillary Clinton just spoke, along with Republican presidential contender and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, at the National Urban League Conference.

Bob Barr | August 05, 2015

Until a few days ago, Dr. Walter Palmer was just a successful dentist from Minnesota who had a passion for trophy hunting; a highly regulated and extremely expensive sport.

Terry Jeffrey | August 05, 2015

Will the children and grandchildren in America today have the same chance to live in prosperity and freedom as previous generations of Americans?

Ben Shapiro | August 05, 2015

Today, we expect our presidents to treat themselves like royalty. Americans may decry the expense of the British monarchy, but the Kingdom of Obama costs far more.

Austin Bay | August 05, 2015

Twenty-five years have passed since Aug. 2, 1990, the day Saddam Hussein's forces invaded Kuwait.

Ryan Bomberger | August 05, 2015

Hitler called and wants his "scientists" back.

Betsy McCaughey | August 05, 2015

This week, President Obama is hailing his Clean Power Plan as "the single most important step America has ever taken in the fight against global climate change." Obama is posing as the environment's savior, just as he did in 2008, when he promised his presidency would mark "the moment when ... the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal." Seven years later, that messianic legacy is in doubt. Obama's Clean Power Plan has never had legislative support, even when his own party controlled both houses of Congress. Now he's trying to impose it without Congress, an audacious ploy his old Harvard law professor Laurence Tribe condemns as "burning the Constitution."

Donald Lambro | August 05, 2015

Americans are increasingly pessimistic about their country's future. About the economy, first and foremost, but about a long list of other troubles, too.

Brian Birdnow | August 05, 2015

Last week Dana Milbank, The Washington Post columnist and political reporter, lamented the lost virtues of amity, collegiality and friendship in Washington political circles, and predictably, he blamed all of this on the Tea Party Republicans.

Arthur Schaper | August 05, 2015

The First GOP Election 2016 Debate is based on a strict threshold. Of the seventeen candidates running for President (now including former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore), only ten will be included in the first debate based on national polling.

D.W. Wilber | August 05, 2015

Back in the day the Debate Club at my high school was not a particularly popular club to belong to.

Heather Kays | August 05, 2015

Today, union-negotiated employment policies protect mediocre and bad teachers from consequences for abysmal performance and even criminal activities.

Carly Anderson | August 05, 2015

Despite years of superimposed confidence and reassurance from our nations leaders, the American people are still feeling the angst of a sluggish recovery. And the economic meddling of our leaders may have left us worse off than we think.

Daniel J. Mitchell | August 05, 2015

If I asked you what Donald Trump and Bono have in common, the easy and accurate answer is that they both have lots of money.

Marvin Olasky | August 05, 2015

I often edit better and occasionally think better by keeping a particular person in mind.

Tue, Aug 04, 2015

Todd Starnes | August 04, 2015

In a repulsive demonstration of hostility towards Christians, the City of Houston wants to bulldoze one church and condemn the property of another so they can build affordable housing and a public library.

Rachel Marsden | August 04, 2015

History will remember U.S. President Barack Obama for having unshackled Iran from economic sanctions so it could enjoy the full benefit of its oil revenues -- some $100 billion or so on standby, according to U.S. Treasury estimates. Obama has arguably done more for Iran's energy independence than he has for America's.

Paul Greenberg | August 04, 2015

Silence comes in many varieties. It can be golden. Or just silence. Like the white space between the words on this page.

Byron York | August 04, 2015

Some political insiders have dismissed the upcoming debate for second-tier Republican presidential candidates as the "kids' table" debate.

Susan Stamper Brown | August 04, 2015

The progressive left has cannibalized the Democrat[ic] Party to the point that even its chairman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, can no longer differentiate between today's democrat and a socialist. Or, if she can, she's afraid to explain the difference, which is what likely happened during two recent interviews where she had to change the subject rather than speak to the question. So apparently, there is nothing to see here, time to move on.

Peter Morici | August 04, 2015

The ascent of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders testifies to serious doubts about establishment politicians.

Ron Paul | August 04, 2015

During my time in Congress, I regularly introduced legislation forbidding organizations that perform abortions from receiving federal funding. The U.S. Government should not force taxpayers to subsidize an activity they believe is murder.

John Hawkins | August 04, 2015

If every conservative and moderate in America disappeared tomorrow, liberals would party like they won the Super Bowl.

Thomas Sowell | August 04, 2015

With Hillary Clinton's multiple misdeeds coming to light and causing her political problems, reflected in her declining support in the polls, both she and the Democratic Party have reason to be concerned. But both of them may yet be rescued by "The Donald," who can turn out to be their Trump card.

Michael Barone | August 04, 2015

"Faute de mieux." That means "for want of something better" in Secretary of State John Kerry's second language. It's also the best case made by its journalistic defenders for approval of the nuclear weapons deal Kerry negotiated with Iran. Or to be more exact, for rallying 34 votes in the Senate or 146 votes in the House to uphold a presidential veto of a congressional vote to disapprove.

Stephen Moore | August 04, 2015

The late, great Jack Kemp, an architect of the Reagan tax cuts, used to say, "Without capital, capitalism is just another ism." Capital is the plants, the machinery, the computers and trucks that businesses invest in to become productive and efficient providers of goods and services.

David Limbaugh | August 04, 2015

President Obama's sordid Iran nuke deal is looking more and more like the foreign policy version of Obamacare. It's duplicitous, secretive, destructive and legacy-driven, and he's going to have to go full community organizer to get it passed.

Cal Thomas | August 04, 2015

When music fans think of "the British Invasion" they are referring to '60s bands like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Britain today, however, faces a different type of invasion.

Dennis Prager | August 04, 2015

The uproar over the killing of a lion named Cecil in Zimbabwe by an American dentist, Dr. Walter Palmer, is further proof that secular society inevitably produces moral confusion.

Pat Buchanan | August 04, 2015

In his new biography "Being Nixon: A Man Divided," Evan Thomas concedes a point. Richard Nixon, he writes, "was not paranoid; the press and the 'Georgetown set' really were out to get him."

Scott Erickson | August 04, 2015

With the endless chorus of negative press attacking the law enforcement community appearing to have no end in sight, it is important to periodically apply context and perspective to the public conversation on the realities of policing in America.

Debra J. Saunders | August 04, 2015

More than 200,000 people have signed a petition asking the White House to cooperate with efforts to "extradite Walter Palmer" -- the Minneapolis-area dentist who killed Cecil the lion -- "promptly at the Zimbabwe government's request."

Phyllis Schlafly | August 04, 2015

If you want to stay on top of whats going on in schools, watch the policies adopted by the National Education Association (NEA) which attracts nearly 10,000 delegates to its annual convention over the Fourth of July weekend. The NEAs 3 million members include most of the nations public school teachers, who fund its half-billion dollar budget with their mandatory union dues.

Bill Murchison | August 04, 2015

Joe? For president?

Ivan Sheehan | August 04, 2015

Legislators must also not allow the White House to dictate the terms of the public deliberation on this bill.

John Nantz | August 04, 2015

Donald Trump and Sarah Palin are Washington pariahs. Mention either name and emotions flare into swollen, ruddy passion. Opinions spill interspersed with hurried spittle as commentators struggle to operate their mouths with enough alacrity to keep pace with their emotions masquerading as thought.

John P. Warren | August 04, 2015

If Bill Clinton could keep, Its the Economy, Stupid, as his mantra to win against George H. W. Bush in 1992, might we not insist that a courageous Republican keep our national and economic security on his lips going into 2016?

Aaron Bandler | August 04, 2015

Banks are discriminatory in handing out loans to minorities. Women earn less money than men due to employer discrimination. There are wide disparities in wealth and income because the rich steal from the poor. Tenure provides comfort and security and enables teachers to better educate students.

Armstrong Williams | August 04, 2015

The Center for Medical Progress yielded pertinent and truthful information about an alarming trend in Planned Parenthood's orientation to the health of their patients. Its actions should constitute fair game.

Mon, Aug 03, 2015

Jack Kerwick | August 03, 2015

As many (but not enough) people now know, for quite some time, Planned Parenthood has been designing their abortion services for purposes of harvesting and selling the organs of the human beings that they routinely kill.

Todd Starnes | August 03, 2015

All it took was 140 characters for Texas Christian University to suspend a conservative student who posted a series of social networking posts that insulted the Islamic State, the Baltimore rioters and Mexicans.

Hank Adler | August 03, 2015

Questions Number 1 & 2 for any campaign political debate: In 2018, the employers of tens of millions of taxpayers from union members to city employees to self employed individuals will face a 40% tax on health insurance benefits that are currently received by their employees tax-free. Will you attempt to repeal this tax or accept the reality that companies will be unable to afford to pay this tax and therefore healthcare benefits will be reduced or healthcare costs will be increased for tens of millions of Americans?

Mytheos Holt | August 03, 2015

You have to give the enemies of patent reform credit: They do love to hide behind the idea that theyre defending the free market.

Brian and Garrett Fahy | August 03, 2015

Cecil the Lion is killed by an American dentist on safari and much of America including Jimmy Kimmel and others whose thinking goes no deeper than a Facebook post is up in arms (no pun intended) about it.

Josh Pinho | August 03, 2015

Six months before a single primary vote is cast, Fox News and the RNC are making a historic move they have decided to make the decision for the voters and arbitrarily limit the GOP field to ten.

Ben Johnson | August 03, 2015

This morning, yet another undercover video emerged, showing the barbarity of abortion. A Planned Parenthood employee casually mentions that sometimes babies are born alive before their "abortion," and that she can "usually see the whole brain...come out" during the process of harvesting and selling fetal organs.

Helen Raleigh | August 03, 2015

Thousands of illegal migrants, many from war-torn countries such as Afghanistan, Syria and Sudan, have been camped out at Calais, a port city in France. Their goal is to jump on a truck or a train, which will take them to the UK through the Eurotunnel.

Michael Brown | August 03, 2015

Without a doubt, we have hurt our witness to the world with our hypocrisy, thereby undercutting our moral and spiritual authority.

Rich Galen | August 03, 2015

What if Vice President Joe Biden does get into the race for the Democratic nomination?

Kurt Schlichter | August 03, 2015

There's this great scene in The Godfather where Sonny explains to Michael that to take out an enemy youve got to get up close and bada-BING! blow his brains all over his nice Ivy League suit.

Mike Adams | August 03, 2015

Sometimes in life you have to stop and admit that you have been wrong about something. I used to be a Democrat so Ive had to do that many times.

Katie Kieffer | August 03, 2015

The NFL upheld the 4-game suspension for Tom Brady; certainly we can bar Hillary Clinton from running for office for the next four yearsfour Americans died in Benghazi.

Ken Blackwell | August 03, 2015

President Reagan went to West Berlin in 1987 and called upon Soviet Communist ruler Mikhail Gorbachev to Tear Down this Wall. The President was also working against a near-total blackout of Western media coverage of the Berlin Wall.

Matt Barber | August 03, 2015

Nazi monster Dr. Josef Mengele is known to have ordered the murder of over 400,000 Jews at Auschwitz from 1943 to 1945.

Rachel Alexander | August 03, 2015

A currently hip cause is to rail against sentencing pot smokers to jail time.

Gretchen Hamel | August 03, 2015

A firestorm of chatter in the political class was set off this weekend by a New York Times article revealing that Vice President Joe Biden is revisiting running for President.

D.W. Wilber | August 03, 2015

In the spring of 1861 Missouris militia, the National Guard of its day, established an encampment called Camp Jackson in the Lindell Grove area of St. Louis, intending to conduct a six day training exercise.

Sun, Aug 02, 2015

Jeff Jacoby | August 02, 2015

JAPAN'S less-than-wholehearted remorse for its World War II-era atrocities has long been an unhealed wound in its relations with its neighbors. The bruise is throbbing anew with the approach of August 15, the 70th anniversary of the announcement of Japan's surrender.