Dan Kennedy

First they came for the student loan providers, and I did nothing ...

Here’s a largely unreported story: Stuffed inside the health care reform bill is a measure summarily throwing private lending institutions out of the college loan business. That business is being taken over by the federal government, with purported savings of $68 billion by, quote, cutting out the middleman.

That premise suggests all private enterprise should be replaced by government as quickly as possible. What’s good for the college loan goose should be good for every gander.

Consider food. Right now, farmers grow it (increasingly in other countries). It is trucked here, sold to packagers and brand-name companies who add mark-up, then to wholesalers who add mark-up, and finally to retail stores that add mark-up. Along the way, sales representatives are paid – horror of horrors – commissions and bonuses to function as liaison between the layers. This bloated system is rife with middleman profit pushing up food prices, thus victimizing the poor, and costing us taxpayers a fortune as we shell out welfare and food stamps. Imagine how much might be saved by cutting out the middlemen!

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Obama should do just as he did with the banks and the college loan business: outlaw food packagers, wholesalers, retailers and sales organizations. Confiscate the warehouses, trucking companies and supermarkets, and replace it all with streamlined, middleman-free government food distribution.

While he’s at it, he can put McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, Olive Garden and all other restaurant chains out of business. Clearly, they bloat the cost of dining out, what with all their do-nothing investors and shareholders, interest paid to banks for financing development and construction, franchisors who skim money off the top for little more than a brand and a logo, advertising agencies and media.

This list of pirates profiteering from food is endless! Just think of the trillions of dollars of savings by replacing the entire mess with one government-owned and -operated restaurant chain. The red, white and blue arches and no others. With, of course, no trans-fats, no salt, no sugar.

Dan Kennedy

Dan Kennedy is a serial entrepreneur and contributor to the Business & Media Institute.