Chuck Norris
With the troubling devastation of Hurricane Sandy on our nation's doorstep -- and so many people in need of food, shelter and emergency services after the storm -- I encourage Americans to reach out to our neighbors and help them through this challenging time.

Sometimes it feels as if America is living through an Armageddon movie. We struggle with a destabilized economy, soaring national debt, an overburdened entitlement system, looming tax hikes, widespread unemployment, class warfare, ongoing wars, the threats of global terror and a nuclear Iran, and internal division and scandals, from "Fast and Furious" to the massacre in Benghazi, Libya. The list goes on and on.

Meanwhile, during this pivotal election season, politicians and lawmakers launch fiery attacks at one another, and several Twitter users threaten to riot if their candidate doesn't win the election this week.

Americans are struggling to find jobs, deeply concerned about the economy, troubled by the soaring federal deficit and frustrated with leaders who don't represent their interests in a nation torn apart by divisive politics. Many believe that our country is headed in the wrong direction and worry that their children's lives won't be so good as their own.

Is this what America stands for?

America is a country born of hardship, struggle and protest. It's a nation of people who share powerful ideas and a place where each of us is blessed with the opportunity to succeed on our merits, ambition, ingenuity and hard work.

We can express our opinions and ideas without facing persecution by our government, play a powerful role in policymaking and embrace our entrepreneurial spirit in pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.

We have come to a national crossroads. We can choose to embrace immorality, apathy, unmitigated greed, corruption, idleness, entitlement, incessant spending and divisive rhetoric. Or we can put our unique freedoms to good use, elect authentic leaders who serve our great nation, unite to emerge from our hardships, help our neighbors through adversity and treat one another with civility.

In less than 200 years, America grew from a cluster of colonies to the greatest nation on earth. Our hardships have been etched into our national soul -- the American Revolution, the Civil War, the Great Depression, Pearl Harbor, Sept. 11 and many others. We've survived our great struggles and emerged a stronger nation. We always have conquered adversity, even against insurmountable odds. This time is no different.

It's time to unleash the American spirit.

In the midst of this national turmoil, let's take a moment to reflect on who we are and what we stand for.

Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris is a columnist and impossible to kill.