Carl Horowitz

 “I like the libertarian view, which is to leave everyone alone.” 
                                                                        -- Clint Eastwood

          Actually, that’s kind of my view, too.  And equally to the point, it’s also the view of a very large part of Hollywood.  That might be news to certain people who pride themselves on never going to the movies, but it’s indicative of a tendency that a great many readers of this distinguished website have been misled into ignoring.  Allow me to digress.

Culture War polemicists who imagine themselves to be carrying the torch of liberty frequently proclaim that today’s film producers and directors “mock” and “ridicule” our nation’s cherished values.  A latter-day Comintern, they inform us, roams the studios with terrifying power, making sure all scripts toe a far-left party line while forcing conservatives to hide their views in the closet to stay employed.  (Apparently, Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone never got that memo.)  Thus, shrieked Wes Vernon in a 2006 column for Accuracy in Media:  “Americans often wonder exactly why so many of Hollywood’s self-anointed political sages bash America, bash this country’s traditions, bash Christians, bash Western Civilization, bash corporate America, bash traditional marriage, bash anti-communists (of course), and above all bash conservatives of every stripe…known identified religious or political conservatives believe they must try harder to succeed or…stay ‘in the closet’ about their beliefs.”  Whew!  Who knew there was so much bashing going on?  Conservative novelist Andrew Klavan likewise groused last year in the Washington Post, “Hollywood moviemakers…have been telling lies – loudly, constantly and almost always in support of a left-wing point of view…(For conservatives) the door is shut, the fix is in, and the blacklist – or least a graylist – is alive and well.”

Carl Horowitz

Carl F. Horowitz is director of the Organized Labor Accountability Project of the National Legal and Policy Center, a Gold Partner organization dedicated to promoting ethics in American public life.
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