Bruce Bialosky

When Creigh Deeds was losing the governorship of Virginia to Bob McDonnell, there was talk of him being a lousy candidate and how he gave the race away. That was despite the fact that he had vanquished the former chair of the National Democratic Party, Terry McAuliffe, who had the ability to raise endless sums. Now all of a sudden he was a “rotten candidate.”

Martha Coakley had won a statewide election as Attorney General in 2006 with over 73% of the vote. She had won a competitive primary on the road to what seemed like a cakewalk to the U.S. Senate. Then she suddenly became a “lousy candidate” and was swamped by Scott Brown.

It might be there is a bigger issue involved. It might be an unfettered repudiation of the Obama-Pelosi-Reid Axis. The only question left is whether these blind ideologues will realize they have been rejected by the American people.

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## After Americans watched the bloodbath over ethics charges regarding lobbyist-funded foreign travel by Senators and Congressmen, they clearly wanted a change. Little did they expect that the travel would continue (and actually increase), and now subsidized by the American taxpayer.

Certainly there are bigger challenges facing our country than the involvement of our legislators in travel boondoggles. On the other hand, the trips are indicative of how callous these elected officials are to the cost of government, and what little hope we have of getting the national budget under control.


The glee with which the Illini officials are accepting and anticipating the move of terrorists from Gitmo to a newly nationalized prison could fascinate any independent observer. The state leaders have done a marvelous job of foisting a little-used financial rat hole onto the American people.

In exchange, we should extract a release from everyone within a 25-mile radius against any lawsuits for disasters that happen as a result of moving these maniacs into the local area. They want these malcontents so bad than the rest of us should not be stuck with the bill if anything goes wrong.


A tale of two Presidents – I had the fortunate opportunity to attend six White House Holiday parties – five of them celebrating Hanukkah.

Bruce Bialosky

Bruce Bialosky is the founder of the Republican Jewish Coalition of California and a former Presidential appointee to The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council. Follow him on Twitter @brucebialosky or contact him at