Brian Walsh

With Election Day just four weeks away, the polls in Oregon’s Fifth District are tightening and Republican Scott Bruun is within striking distance of Freshman Democrats Kurt Schrader.  As the campaign kicks into high gear, Schrader is seeing his consistent support for the failed policies of Washington Democrats is becoming more of hindrance than he could have imagined.  His backing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s agenda – which he does 97 percent of the time – has only led to bloated budgets, rising deficits, and an unemployment rate of over 10% in Oregon. 

Voters have clearly had enough as Bruun continues to pick up support.  Over the summer, he won the support of the Independent Party of Oregon in spite of Schrader’s best efforts to combat his image as one of Pelosi’s Puppets. 

As the race continues to slip away from Schrader, he’s resorted to lying about Scott Bruun’s record in a last-ditch attempt to salvage his seat in Congress.  Apparently forgetting his vote to cut nearly $500 billion from Medicare, Schrader most recently claimed that Bruun would push to privatize Social Security despite numerous on the record claims to the contrary

Be sure to tune into the Oregon election results on November 2nd and watch how voters respond to the reckless endangerment that Schrader has promoted during his first - and preferably only – term in the House of Representatives. 

Original Post 06/07/2010: Taking Oregon

It’s only June and the race for Oregon’s Fifth Congressional district is already being called the “best congressional race this state has seen in years”.  This November, voters will have a clear choice between one of Pelosi’s puppets and a veteran businessman as freshman Democrat Kurt Schrader faces off against Republican State Representative Scott Bruun.

Brian Walsh

Brian Walsh is the Political Director of the National Republican Congressional Committee.