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Posted December 31, 2014

In politics as in life, past is prologue. Again, a Bush is the first candidate to announce that he may be running for president, this time in 2016. Jeb Bushs announcement to seek the most consequential job on earth, made in the most underwhelming fashion -- a Facebook post -- has put the nation on notice: the 2016 presidential race has officially begun.

Posted December 12, 2014

In one of its last and most partisan acts as a Senate Majority, on Tuesday Democrats released a partisan political report on the CIAs Enhanced Interrogation Program. It is nothing more than a blatant, shameful attack on the men and women who helped protect America in the harrowing days after 9/11.

Posted November 19, 2014

In upstate New York, Robert and Cynthia Gifford were recently fined $13,000 for refusing to host a lesbian wedding on their private farm. They were also ordered to pay restitution to the lesbian couple, who held their wedding elsewhere.

Posted November 07, 2014

What does national rejection of a President, and his party, look like? On Tuesday, it looked like this.

Posted August 22, 2014

The American people have learned that once again, they were not told the truth. We were told that by the fall of 2012, Al Qaeda was purportedly on the run, finished off by a diplomacy that exchanged bullets for talking points, kinetic warfare for bridge-building conciliation. None of it was true. These talking points masked the reality that the vacuum created by Americas withdrawal was quickly being filled by resurgent Islamists. Now, it seems, modernity is on the run, being terrorized by adherents to a violent ideology buried in the sands of centuries past. The Islamic State (ISIS) is thriving and growing in the newest episode of the perpetual clash of civilizations.

Posted August 08, 2014

Amidst another tense cease fire in Gaza, the world stops to assess the reality on the ground. Israel estimates it has killed 900 Hamas terrorists – a redundancy – and destroyed 32 tunnels that Hamas previously used to infiltrate Israel and launch terror attacks against Israelis. 64 Israeli soldiers – fighting for their country’s right to exist – and three civilians have died in the fighting.

Posted July 11, 2014

As far as first times go politically, he was supposed to be perfect. Charming, self-confident, kind-hearted and strong. A guy with an easy smile and an easy way with words. No baggage, thankfully. The kind of guy you thought you could trust. Not like those other guys, with their fake smiles and cheesy pick-up lines. You’d seen that type before, and this guy was different.

Posted July 03, 2014

President Obama is asleep at the switch

Posted May 23, 2014

For the first time, the United States government has publicly claimed that the Chinese military is actively engaged in cyber warfare against the United States and American companies.

Posted April 25, 2014

In the wake of the imbroglio involving Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich, who was forced out of the company he co-founded after his contribution to the Proposition 8 effort was sufficiently demonized by gay rights agitators.

Posted March 24, 2014

Since its party line passage and subsequent signing on March 23, 2010, the Affordable Care Act has been altered more times than anyone can count. After the law was passed so we could “find out what’s in it,” in Nancy Pelosi’s phrase, the law’s requirements have been subject to constant alterations and revisions, much like Ms. Pelosi’s facial features.

Posted March 17, 2014

By dint of legislative debacles at home and listless incoherence abroad, the Obama administration has decreased human freedom in every sphere it has entered. Five years into his presidency, Barack Obama presides over the most pronounced declination of individual freedom at home and abroad in the post-world war period.

Posted January 24, 2014

The White House announced on Tuesday that President Obama will meet with Pope Francis on March 27 at the Vatican. This will be the first meeting between the president and the Pope, and it could not come at a more precipitous moment. Across the globe and across the United States, profound questions of religious freedom and human liberty confront both leaders.

Posted November 08, 2013

If Obamacare’s website,, had an initial public offering, as Twitter did this week, how might its stock price be valued after its recent performance?

Posted November 01, 2013

“Unbelievable. A new low. I’m so ashamed.” So remarked Boon to his girlfriend Katie in the movie “Animal House,” offering a fake apology for another raucous fraternity party just before Delta House’s downfall at the hands of Dean Wormer.

Posted September 13, 2013

Speaking to the nation Tuesday night about the Syrian conflict, President Obama sought to cloak his rhetorical and strategic incoherence in the cover of American exceptionalism.

Posted August 30, 2013

Two recent articles highlight the two biggest challenges facing conservative religious voters and the GOP in 2014 and beyond: how to adapt to and influence a culture drifting leftward on social issues, and how to combat the creeping influence of a prosperity centered worldview.

Posted June 29, 2013

It has been said that the U.S. Senate is where good ideas go to die. In the context of immigration reform, the opposite is true: this week the Senate passed a bundle of mostly bad ideas, “comprehensive” immigration reform.

Posted June 01, 2013

Like an onion being peeled, each week seems to reveal new layers of odious conduct by the Obama Administration that increasingly offends the senses. Only five months into the second term of the hope and change presidency, few are hopeful of any positive change.

Posted May 24, 2013

“Everything comes from the top.” This quote from an anonymous source in the IRS Determinations Unit explains why the IRS targeting of conservative groups did not likely originate with low level staffers at a remote IRS outpost. The truth is far different.

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