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Our secular liberal media elites are never more poisonously insincere than when they recommend that conservatives should move closer to liberals, for their own good. Witnessing the relentless media attacks on the Catholic Church, no member of the flock should assume that the agitators at Newsweek or The New York Times know best how to steer the faithful -- or even believe they want to help the faithful. Much like Ted Turner, who called Catholics "losers," his media colleagues see Catholics -- and particularly Pope Benedict XVI -- as loathsome political obstacles.

One can conclude from all the coverage of sexual-abuse charges that those charges aren't really the primary point for the "truth" seekers. These leftist media elites have hijacked those heinous actions for a much broader goal. Theirs is a very political crusade, with the goal of sacking Pope Benedict and "reforming" the ancient church in their hipster image, one that celebrates gay bishop Eugene Robinson's Episcopalian gospel of "tolerance," "inclusion" and "pluralism." That kind of church would pose zero threat to the global goals of the left. In that kind of church, there is no stained-glass ceiling to untrammeled abortion and unlimited "marriage" of everyone to everyone.

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Secular liberals and liberal pseudo-Catholics alike have overtly compared the sex-abuse charges to Watergate, and the Holy Father to President Nixon. In this vision, what the Catholic Church truly needs are cardinals to go to the pontiff, like Barry Goldwater went to Nixon, and tell him he has to pack it in, for the good of his flock.

This is a stunning smear of Pope Benedict. Richard Nixon was heavily involved in plotting the petty crimes of Watergate, from break-in to cover-up. No media outlet has proven beyond their own jaded liberal assumptions that Cardinal Ratzinger or Pope Benedict had a similar involvement in plotting a cover-up -- not to mention ordering sexual abuse by priests.

Forget proof, evidence … facts. This is all about character assassination.

Whether it's Sally Quinn of The Washington Post going on MSNBC or Timothy Shriver writing in The Washington Post, this march of the Holier Than Thou to the walls of Vatican City is a sickening spectacle.

Brent Bozell

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.
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