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Since 1991, the Dove Foundation has been encouraging American movie studios to make uplifting, positive entertainment with its Family Approved Seal. This year, they've launched a new initiative, an annual awards presentation akin to the Academy Awards, to honor the "best of the best" family-friendly films. They call theirs the Crystal Dove Seal.

The Dove Foundation awarded 58 films with its seal of approval in 2007, in and of itself an encouraging sign for families who would like to see movies together. The first annual awards honored the very best of these films, in six categories. Their Best Drama award winner was "Amazing Grace," the Walden film about the origins of the classic hymn. Winning the Best Comedy award was "The Game Plan," Disney's daughter-finds-father football story. The Best Action-Adventure nod went to "National Treasure: Book of Secrets." The Best Animated Film prize went to Disney-Pixar's "Ratatouille." The Best Documentary was "Arctic Tale," an anti-global warming film from National Geographic and Paramount.

Rounding out the winners was the Best Limited Release, "The Ultimate Gift," a Fox Faith film. Never heard of it? It featured some major stars -- James Garner, Brian Dennehy and new, young Oscar-nominated star Abigail Breslin. Garner's character leaves his spoiled grandson an inheritance -- but only if he performs 12 character-building tasks.

So why might you have missed it? Because if a film gets tagged as "inspirational," watch out. Film critics will drop bombs.

It was panned by the Los Angeles Times because it teeters on its "treacly good intentions and simplistic parable-like storytelling." And The New York Times for "reeking of self-righteousness and moral reprimand a hairball of good-for-you filmmaking." Then there's the simply mocking and nasty approach, from Entertainment Weekly: "Kind of like a feel-good 'Saw' for churchgoers, minus the sadistic games of death."

Not everyone was so enlightened. One of the nicer reviews came from Variety, which correctly tagged the rest of the film reviewers as cynics: "Although cynics likely will reject 'The Ultimate Gift' as warmed-over Capra-corn, this predictable but pleasant drama based on Jim Stovall's popular novel may be prized by those with a taste for inspirational uplift and heart-tugging sentiment."

Snarky film reviewers tend to look down their noses at "those with a taste" for positive films, as if they're a tiny market of weirdos. Except the market is screaming for that which Dove honors. As the Dove Foundation notes, its award-winners grossed $536 million at the box office, compared to just $295 million for Oscar's Best Picture nominees.

Brent Bozell

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