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LISTEN: TRIGGERED: CNN Contributor Makes Racist Claim About White GOP Women

Episode 31 of Triggered is here!

Matt and Storm are back in the studio to give you the latest news and their hottest takes.

The migrant caravan has invaded Tijuana, Mexico, and Mexican residents aren’t too happy about it. Protests have broken out with chants of “Out, Out!” and “Hondurans must go!” One protester was reported as saying, “Trump was right – they are invaders.” It’s a little strange to see Mexican citizens embrace white supremacy, isn’t it?


The guys also address Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) quest to become the next Speaker of the House. Several Democrats are now “Never Nancy,” as they look to push back against the Democratic establishment. Though this group of Democrats is sticking together, they don’t have an alternative candidate to challenge Pelosi. While Matt and Storm would love to see some blood sports within the Democratic Party, they know a Speaker Pelosi would be the best thing for the Republican Party heading into the 2020 Presidential Election. The President of the United States seems to agree, as President Trump has suggested Republicans may give Pelosi some help.

One of the more insane stories the guys talk about is a recent CNN segment where liberal Kirsten Powers suggests women who vote for President Trump are enabling white supremacy and racism. Isn’t this ironic? Leftists want to empower women and call for them to think for themselves, but I guess that only applies if you are one of them.

In the smorgasbord segment, Storm and Matt talk about the California wildfires as the damage and loss of life is unfathomable. But on a lighter note, they bring up Cryin’ Jim Acosta getting his White House hard pass back, for the time being, as the White House is already looking to revoke it again. The duo also addresses a ridiculous tweet by Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA), who suggested the government would nuke Americans who would rebel if an “assault weapon” (Leftist terminology) ban were put into place. And this guy wants to run for president…


With Thanksgiving upon us, the Triggered Crew wants to thank all of our listeners. We appreciate you all and hope that you and your families have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

There will be no new episode on Thursday, so make sure to tune in next Tuesday for the latest podcast.

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