TSA Expanding?

Posted: Jul 25, 2012 7:20 PM

The Transportation Security Administration is not content with harassing travelers at airports. They are now preparing to harass travelers at train and bus stations too. Drudge reported on the TSA’s recent expansion, and at the bottom of this post you will find a corresponding video posted by Infowars .


However, the agency itself is expanding, with Congress recently giving the green light for extra funding that has increased the number of unannounced TSA checkpoints beyond the 9300 that took place last year.


This $25 million dollar injection has helped fund the expansion of the VIPR program which has TSA agents patrolling highways, train stations, bus terminals and other transport hubs.


As a whistleblower recently revealed to Infowars, more TSA workers are also being used in airports at locations besides security lanes.


“We’re doing patrols in the parking lot with dogs, we’re even going as far out to the train station because the train station is connected to the airport here and we have guys walking around the train station, walking around the rental cars, we’re inspecting cars coming into the parking garage, I mean we’ve fully expanded – we’re no longer just at the gate and just at the security checkpoint,” said the whistleblower, a TSA supervisor.



Despite its many fumbles and public backlash, the TSA looks like it is here to stay. Most likely, it will continue to expand and haunt us for years to come. It is a government program, after all.



This post was authored by Townhall.com editorial intern Kyle Bonnell.