Huntsman Plans to Skip Iowa

Posted: Jun 06, 2011 12:41 PM
by Nick Freiling

Well that's one way to make the headlines...

Potential presidential candidate Jon Huntsman told New Hampshire voters last weekend that he plans to skip campaigning in Iowa. Considering his opposition to ethanol subsidies, he said it’s not worth it for him to campaign in a state where ethanol subsidies can be a deal-breaker.

Though somewhat of an offense to Iowa voters, this is politically wise for Huntsman, whose centrist-reputation will likely fare better with the more independent New Hampshire voters than in Iowa. And considering fiscal conservatives have been apprehensive so far of Huntsman’s more liberal fiscal record, opposing ethanol subsidies outright is wise if he plans to court the conservative base, possibly gaining an edge over moderates like Romney and Gingrich, who have both expressed support for the subsidies.

His speech at the Faith and Freedom Conference last Friday also seemed to be an attempt to build his image as a dedicated conservative, as he stressed the inseparability of social values with economic liberty.

His official announcement to enter the race is expected later this month.