Our GOP 2012 Straw Poll: January Results

Posted: Feb 02, 2011 9:51 AM
After tens of thousands of votes were cast in the January Townhall/HotAir GOP presidential Straw Poll the results are finally in. The buzz for the 2012 presidential election is already deafening as conservatives everywhere are clamoring for their chosen candidates. The results in January may well be very different from future results in the coming months and Townhall and HotAir will be closely monitoring the pulse of GOP voters.

Voting in the February poll is already under way and due to popular demand we've added a few names of some other potential GOP contenders who have expressed interest in running: Texas Governor Rick Perry, Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann, Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan, and Ambassador Jon Huntsman. To be fair we also have randomly rearranged the order of the candidates on the poll.

Tulsi Fires Back At Hillary
Bronson Stocking

You can vote in the February poll here.

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Tulsi Fires Back At Hillary