Keep Out the IRS

Posted: Apr 23, 2010 3:12 PM

Guest post by Rep. John Fleming

The Congressional Budget Office has said that the IRS will require as much as $10 billion in additional funding to implement the new health care law, and some have estimated that this funding would allow the IRS to hire as many as 16,000 or more new employees to force American taxpayers to comply with the new taxes and a potentially unconstitutional mandate included in the legislation. 

As unemployment lingers at an abysmal rate and millions of Americans continue to look for work, the last thing this country needs is a vast expansion of the IRS aimed at penalizing hard working families and taking more of their hard earned money. That’s why this week I introduced the “Keep Out the Internal Revenue Service Act,” (H.R. 5066) legislation that will prevent the IRS from hiring new auditors to enforce the recently passed health care legislation. Specifically, this bill will prohibit the federal government from filling any employment position at the IRS if the position would include implementing, administering, or enforcing any provision of this bill, the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,” or the subsequently passed package of amendments. 

From top to bottom, the government takeover of health care is laced with billions of dollars in taxes and penalties that will devastate working families and only plunge this country further into recession. From taxes on health care products to taxes on your health care plan to penalties for not buying insurance, this bill will hit every sector of the American economy.  Liberals in Congress have continued to deny that their health bill will require a massive expansion of the IRS. If they truly believe this, they should support this bill, which will ensure Americans do not have to deal with the IRS intruding further into their everyday lives.

Congressman Fleming represents Louisiana's 4th district.