Hagelin: Why Prejean Needs To Be Defended

Posted: Nov 16, 2009 9:21 AM
Rebecca Hagelin is one of the only pundits to stick her neck out and bring up this point about Prejean-mania.
Today's young women are so immersed in a sexual media culture that they don't see the tragic consequences that come when they confuse Hollywood's lies with real life.
That's what Prejean suffered from, writes Hagelin. Like every other girl subject to mainstream culture in modern day America, she suffered from the conflagration of morality and sexuality.
As Carrie matures and becomes more sensitive to which behaviors reflect her faith and which ones tarnish it, she is learning the difference under glaring lights, scowling faces and an unforgiving media.
In other words: she's not perfect. Speaking ability and television appearances aside, Prejean is "a courageous woman whose Christian faith is still in its infancy."
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