"Barack has added a new Friend."

Posted: Jul 30, 2008 3:16 PM

“Barack is hoping to settle on an Iraq policy before November.” “William Ayers has updated his profile.”

If you thought that is from the social networking site Facebook.com, you are wrong.

That’s the latest update from Sen. Barack Obama’s FriendFeed on BarackBook. The Republican National Committee has tapped into the popularity of Facebook and has launched a parody page for the presumptive Democratic candidate for the presidency.

The site is not merely a parody; it aims to be informative as well. Under “MyNews” you can see the latest updates from the GOP. You can watch various video clips, like “Obama Trading in Contradictions” and “Obama’s Ill-Timed Tax Increases.” Also, on the FriendFeed, you can see information on the Senator’s different associations and relationships that have been questioned this election cycle—Tony Rezko, William Ayers, and the rest—they’re all there.

But then again, you didn’t have to wait for BarackBook to tell you about Sen. Obama’s relationships. You can read all about it in the August issue of Townhall Magazine in the feature piece, “Barack’s Old-Style Chicago Politics.” The magazine is full of fresh, new reporting and commentary with big-name contributors, including Fred Thompson. Subscribe today and receive 3 copies of Hugh Hewitt’s “Letter to a Young Obama Supporter” for free!