What's Hot Friday

Posted: Jul 18, 2008 9:29 AM

What are the most popular stories around the web this morning?  Townhall does the surfing so you don't have to.

Politico:  Opposites Attract: VP Hagel, Lieberman

Wall Street Journal:  Declining Value of a College Degree

FOX News:  Hasselbeck in Tears After 'View' Discussion

New York Times:  Lessons in Love, By Way of Economics

Chicago Tribune:  Photographers Shot While Covering House Fire

Boston Globe:  3 Women to Be Ordained Catholic Priests in Boston

Slate:  Night of the Living Meds

ABC News:  Sen. Levin: Shut Down UBS

Los Angeles Times:  The TV Hits That No One Watches

Newsweek:  Fishing Boat Accident Severs Teen Surfer's Arm

CNN:  Laci Peterson's Mother Outraged by Blog

Philadelphia Inquirer:  Alleged DUI Killer's Myspace Page

Houston Chronicle:  Woman Dies in Gulf Freeway Rollover

New York Post:  Pete and Roger: Who Are You?

Denver Post:  Short Week for State Workers Proposed

Time Magazine:  Do Breast Self-Exams Do Any Good?

US News & World Report:  John McCain Recalls Life as a POW

And on Townhall.com this morning:
         Charles Krauthammer:  Who Does He Think He Is?
         Mike Gallagher:  A President for America, Not Hollywood
         Mona Charen:  A Child Killer's Homecoming
         Ann Coulter:  This Is Not A Drill
         Dick Morris:  Why the Race is Tied