The Housing Blame Game

Posted: Jun 12, 2008 10:13 AM
The Above and Beyond Atlantic Beach Real Estate blog is buzzing about Terry Jones’ business column in the June issue of Townhall Magazine. Blogger and real estate consultant Jeanne Brault applauds Jones for his piece:

Today I read a great article in Townhall magazine that confirms the role of homeowners in the "blame game" - something we don't hear mainstream media talk much about. ... The article is written by Terry Jones (Associate Editor of Investors Business Daily) and titled "Playing the Subprime Blame Game," and it squarely and accurately places some (well, ok, a lot!) of the responsibility for the current real estate and mortgage market correction on the shoulders of homeowners.

You won’t want to miss Jones’ column next month, in which he reveals who really benefits from farm subsidies.

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