Conservative Principles for Congressional Action

Posted: Sep 25, 2008 3:41 PM
Finally, someone is making some sense when it comes to the bailout.  The problem is, will House Democrats lend an ear to what conservatives are saying, or simply do what they do best - spend, and waste, taxpayer dollars?  [# More #] House conservatives, led by Reps. Cantor, Hensarling, and Ryan, today introduced the above list of conservative economic principles that should guide Congress through this process.  

I commend them for not blindly accepting the plan the Administration, or the Democrats, put forth.  But in addition to these principles, I would add that the appropriate agencies should be given authority to change the accounting rules to reflect market principles or, if they already have that authority, it should be required that they use it.  Now is the time to implement market principles, not socialist ideas that have driven these Democrat leaders for the last 50 years.  Finally, we must be very vocal in attacking Democrats for causing this through their regulatory, socialist, big government worldview. 

House Republicans are making the right moves by injecting their conservative principles into the debate, but no matter what is put out there, they should feel free to VOTE NO!