On Obama's Rev. Wright Speech

Posted: Mar 18, 2008 10:22 PM
I think my dear friend Ken Blackwell said it best...

Eloquent Speech, Troubling Worldview

Barack Obama just gave an eloquent speech, but one that
does not address the underlying nature of Senator Obama's
beliefs. Rev. Jeremiah Wright, like Mr. Obama, believes in
a state-centered 21st century form of big-government
socialism.  This 21st century form of socialism is at the
heart of the Liberation Theology Rev. Wright preaches from
the pulpit. Today, Mr. Obama again made it clear, with all
his eloquence, that he still embraces these beliefs that
would require dismantling the free-market system that has
made our country's economy the most prosperous in all of
human history.

In contrast to Liberation Theology, the Christian
orthodoxy teaches about the nature of God, the nature of
man, the relationship between the two in this life, and
about the hereafter. Liberation Theology, on the other
hand, is a belief system about political agendas,
socialistic economic policy, and redistribution of wealth.
Proponents of Liberation Theology, like Rev. Wright, teach
that God commands us to form a government that will
supervise our economy to create government-subsidized jobs
under central-government planning; guarantee healthcare and
education by having government control both; and achieve
'economic equality' by redistributing wealth through
massive taxes on the affluent and massive government
entitlements for the poor. And it advocates replacing
governments that do not embrace this socialistic agenda.

Those are the beliefs of Liberation Theology. Those are
the offensive root beliefs underlying many of Rev. Wright's
sermons. And though Barack Obama does not embrace Mr.
Wright's offensive language, he does embrace this
government-solves-everything-through-socialism worldview.

His speech was magnificent in its elegance and rhetoric,
but today Mr. Obama reminded me yet again of his worldview
that embraces, among other things, partial-birth abortion,
military weakness, and economic socialism.   Thank God for
religious liberty, free market, and free elections!