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Michael Macor/San Francisco Chronicle via AP

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz gave perhaps the staunchest defense of American lives in his entire career during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday examining the effects sanctuary cities have had on communities and citizens throughout the United States. Sen. Cruz argued that Democrat rhetoric and policy has not only vilified our men and women who protect our borders, but has endangered countless lives due to the scourge of violent illegal aliens and politicians who ignore federal immigration law. Mr. Cruz began his declamation by asking Immigration and Customs Enforcement Acting Executive Associate Director, Enforcement and Removal Operations Timothy Robbins a series of questions. He ended by giving an impassioned rebuke of Democrats for their wayward and dangerous positions, and calling for unity in protecting U.S. citizens. 


"Mr. Robbins Let me start by saying thank you to all the men and women of ICE," Sen. Cruz remarked. "To the law enforcement officers who risk their lives each and every day, I want to apologize to the men and women of ICE for the vilification for the demonization that happens every day in our political discourse and that sadly happens from far too many politicians in this town, who abuse law enforcement officers who are keeping us safe. I have been blessed to get to know and to work with ICE officers, Border Patrol officers. And these are agents who are risking their lives every day our communities are safer because of them." 

"I have to say when I'm at home in Texas, Texans are angry about this discussion about this political farce that we're seeing," Cruz continued. "Some of our Democratic colleagues have asked you questions 'Well isn't it true that some of the illegal aliens that sanctuary cities are releasing are nonviolent?' You answered with the rather obvious answer of 'Yes, some of them are nonviolent.'" 

Sen. Cruz then turned his attention towards ICE's Robbins.

"Let me ask you the other side of it, are sanctuary cities releasing violent murderers?"  Cruz asked. 

"Yes," replied Robbins. 

"Are sanctuary cities releasing rapists?" Cruz asked. 

"Yes," Robbins said.

"Are sanctuary cities releasing people who have committed child molestation?" Cruz inquired.

"Yes," Robbins responded. 

"Are sanctuary cities releasing people who are guilty of domestic violence?" 

"Yes," Robbins said again.

"Are they releasing people who have committed drunk driving offenses?," Cruz asked. 

"Yes," Robbins answered.


Cruz continued, explaining that he and likeminded individuals are concerned with violent illegal aliens.  

"When I listen to Democratic colleagues say, 'No, No, No this is all about some grandmother in Chicago.' No this is not about a grandmother in Chicago. I've talked to too many Texans and too many people across this country who've lost their children in murders from illegal aliens who were in jail until Democratic politicians released the violent criminals into our community," he continued. 

"And it is wrong to play these political games -- releasing murderers. This committee heard testimony from Kate Steinle's family...Kate Steinle was a beautiful 28 year-old California woman who was murdered on a pier in Northern California by an illegal alien who had been in and out of prison over and over and over again. And yet, and and been deported over and over and over again. Yet our revolving door system kept letting him go. Kate Steinle's father held his daughter in his arms as she cried out, 'Daddy please save me.' Every one of us who has kids what a what a nightmare. And the thing that is frustrating is that it was utterly and completely preventable. Politics killed her."

In 2017, the five-time deported illegal alien who killed Steinle was found not guilty on murder charges, despite admitting to killing the American citizen. Since then, he has also been acquitted of unlawful possession of a firearm. The suspect found safe haven in San Francisco, and never should have been in the country in the first place. But, Sen. Cruz blamed the politics of his left-wing colleagues for her death.


"Political posturing killed her. And by the way for every Democratic senator who says , 'No, no, we're all for stopping violent criminals,' well you know what?" Cruz declared. "There's an easy solution - Kate's law which I'm the author of in this body. Kate's law says violent criminal illegal aliens, aggravated felons, if they enter illegally a second time will face a mandatory minimum prison sentence. If you get outside of the fantasy land that is Washington, DC an overwhelming super majority of Americans support Kate's law. That's true of Republicans, of Democrats, of Libertarians, of Independents. Kate's law is common-sense legislation. I'll tell you what -- the Senate voted on Kate's law. Every Democratic member of the current Senate that was here voted against Kate's law." 

"Yet because of politics, Senate Democrats will not stand together to stop," he remarked after questioning Robbins further on the release of violent illegal aliens. "You want to do something meaningful let's pass Kate's law 100 to nothing. I have town halls where Texans ask, 'What on earth is wrong with you people?'" When you have an ms-13 member who is a murderer and yet a local democratic law enforcement official says, 'Let's release them, instead of deporting them or even better incarcerate them as Kate's law would provide,' that is wrong." 

Among other repercussions, "Kate's Law" would federally defund any city that does not comply with U.S. immigration law. 


Cruz ended his speech by thanking ICE officers and calling for "unity."

"So, I want to say to the witnesses here, thank you for your testimony," Cruz said to the witnesses who testified. "Thank you for your hard work to keep us safe. Thank you for the officer tonight who's out on the line who's knocking on that door of an ms-13 agent, who doesn't know if he's gonna meet a machine-gun on the other side of that door, a machete -- he doesn't know what he's gonna face. But he or she she is going through that door to keep us safe. Thank you for that."

"I get we had political differences. Fine let's have let's have debates about what the top marginal tax rate should be. That's a great debate but it shouldn't be a debate whether we're releasing murderers in our communities, the answer for all of us, Democrat and Republican, ought to be 'Hell no we're not going to release violent murderers who are illegal aliens into our communities!" And yet we've got sanctuary jurisdictions all across the country who are willing to do so," he declared. 

The issue of sanctuary cities and counties has been highlighted in recent months by Montgomery County. Since July, at least eight illegal aliens have been arrested in the Maryland jurisdiction on charges of sexual offenses. Critics assert this hotbed of crime is caused by MoCo's refusal to cooperate with ICE and other immigration authorities. 

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