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Well it finally happened. A group of working class citizens became so fed up with the nonsense of climate change protesters who block traffic, that in England on Thursday an angry mob beat the crap out of members of the left-wing pro-environmental group "Extinction Rebellion." The video is pretty shocking and shows that, as Michael Savage would say, "mass hysteria" is on the rise not just in the United States but around the globe. 


At Canning Station in London, several Extinction Rebellion protesters stood on top of the subway train preventing it from leaving the station. According to Mahitir Pasha, a British journalist, Extinction Rebellion said "in a statement that today’s violence is 'regretful' and they express 'sadness that events escalated this way.' They add activist in video 'responded in self defence in moment of panic' and he “acknowledges his accountability for this action." 

Here's a little bit about what the global climate change group, Extinction Rebellion, wants accomplished:

Extinction Rebellion (XR for short) wants governments to declare a "climate and ecological emergency" and take immediate action to address climate change.

It describes itself as an international "non-violent civil disobedience activist movement".

Extinction Rebellion was launched in 2018 and organisers say it now has groups willing to take action in dozens of countries.

The group uses an hourglass inside a circle as its logo, to represent time running out for many species

Here's the video of the melee:

According to Pasha, "One commuter shouted, 'I need to get to work, I have to feed my kids,' when the protestors initially went up."


As Townhall has covered, this "shutting down traffic" thing is a new tactic of the global left. Their goal is to make life as miserable as possible for big business and the government, but they end up harming the working class in order to draw attention to what they say is the world's most pressing issue. Many leftists say commuters heading to work aren't affected, but anybody with a brain knows this isn't the case.

"We'll do it as many times as needed to, to bring business as usual to a halt so that we can get real change here in our policies here in D.C.," activist Michael Beer told Townhall during a recent climate change rally in D.C. "Our major focus is on the federal government. The residents of D.C. and the D.C. government are not our target." 

XR has promised to protest again in D.C. Let's hope these sort of fights like the one we saw in London on Thursday don't come to America. 

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