Chinese President: Anybody Who Tries To Split China Will Have Their 'Bodies Smashed And Bones Ground To Powder'

Posted: Oct 16, 2019 6:30 AM
Chinese President: Anybody Who Tries To Split China Will Have Their 'Bodies Smashed And Bones Ground To Powder'

Source: Aly Song/Pool Photo via AP

The good news for LeBron James is that in his aging career, he won't have to worry about the Chinese Communist government breaking his bones and dismantling his body. On Sunday in Nepal, Communist President Xi Jinping promised anybody who tried to"to split China in any part of the country will end in crushed bodies and shattered bones." 

His comments were made towards Nepalese Prime Minister K.P. Sharma Oli. "And any external forces backing such attempts dividing China will be deemed by the Chinese people as pipe-dreaming!" he added. 

According to Fox News, "Xi made the explicit comments at a meeting where the two signed more than 20 agreements Sunday, including one commissioning a feasibility study of a China-Nepal cross-border railway project." 

While he didn't mention Hong Kong, experts surmise he was referring to that region specifically. Thousands of Hong Kongers have been protesting for the past few months each day in hopes of gaining freedom and independence from China. 

Increasing rhetoric defending their oppressive regime is on the rise from the Chinese government. On Monday Townhall reported that a Chinese official defended the concentration camps where millions of Uighur Muslims are being held. 

via Townhall:

A Chinese communist official is defending his nation's detention of millions of Muslim Uighur minorities in internment camps where these individuals are indoctrinated and violated, saying that China is simply providing "vocational educational training to them."

Yu Jiantuo is China's assistant secretary general of the China Development Research Foundation (CDRF). CDRF is run by the State Council. He spoke at the University of British Columbia’s Point Grey Campus and took questions from Canadian media last week. Yu told reporters that Mulsim Uighurs “lack social and economic opportunities" so the state decided "to provide vocational educational training to them" by holding them against their will and stripping down their human dignity. 

Meanwhile in the United States, useful idiots like Golden State Warrior head coach Steve Kerr and Lebron are refusing to condemn China for their actions.