Ouch: Elizabeth Warren Deletes Embarrassing DNA Test Video After PJ Media Story

Posted: Oct 16, 2019 10:50 AM
Ouch: Elizabeth Warren Deletes Embarrassing DNA Test Video After PJ Media Story

Source: AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty

The good folks over at PJMedia.com reminded us all of Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren's embarrassing, cringeworthy video where good ol' Liz Warren traveleved back to Oklahoma to prove she was a Native American. The only problem is her DNA test showed that she could possibly be the whitest person on the planet, and hardly a Native American at all. Turns out, she's a whopping 1/1,024th Cherokee Indian. PJ Media's Jim Treacher published a beautiful write up of this horrendous video Tuesday, wishing the 2020 Democratic hopeful a "Happy One Year Anniversary" post. Here's what he said:

It was Elizabeth Warren's moment of triumph! And it lasted for all of 3-4 hours. Then people actually read what was in the DNA test, and it wasn't at all what she claimed. If that test proved anything, it proved that Warren is white as hell. She's even whiter than me, and I can get a sunburn from watching Baywatch. She's as authentically Native American as a Redskins jersey, without the gravitas.

Nevertheless, she persisted, and that enormous lie hasn't hurt Warren. One year later, she's gaining on Biden in the polls. She's still lying about stuff, of course, like whether she was ever fired for being pregnant. But it doesn't matter. The truth rarely does. If the journos decide she should be the Democratic Party's candidate for president in 2020, then they'll rationalize anything she says. They'll change the story from "Democrat Brazenly Lies" to "Republicans Pounce on Democrat's Inadvertent Factual Error." They'll try to drag her across the finish line, just like they tried with Hillary. Who knows? Maybe it'll work this time.

Others like Katie wondered whether she would be questioned about her fake Native American heritage at Tuesday night's debate. She wasn't.

But, less than 24 hours after PJMedia's story -- the Warren campaign deleted the tweet! 

I tried looking up the video on YouTube, and it looks her campaign scrubbed it off the internet completely. 

I'm sure it exists somewhere. We'll update the story if we find it. 

 In the meantime, this Three Stooges episode, "Whoops, I'm an Indian," will have to work to convey Warren's heritage: