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Congressman Jim Banks: Democrats Are Making Up Impeachment Rules As They Go

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

If you find yourself watching Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and her cabal of Democrats wandering through their "impeachment inquiry," and wondering what on Earth their controlling principle is, cause it certainly sure as hell isn't high crimes and misdemeanors, you are not alone. In fact, Congressman Jim Banks from Indiana wants you to know the dimwitted Dems are pretty much making it up as they go. 


"The Democrats are making up the rules of this impeachment process as they go," Rep. Banks told Fox & Friends First on Tuesday morning. 

"I have a few friends back home in Indiana who don’t like this president, they won’t vote for him again, but even they know that this president so far has not been indicted of high crimes and misdemeanors," he added. "And that’s the justification for impeachment. Not this make it up as you go process that’s in search of reasons to impeach the president." 

Indeed, it is bit a confusing isn't it? Democrats like Rep. Rashida Tlaib from Michigan, Rep. Al Green from Texas, and good ol' Moonbat Maxine from California have been bragging and clamoring for the mantle of who was the first to call for impeaching the president. Maxine actually wants Trump imprisoned and placed in solitary confinement. And for what, exactly? We don't know!

But plenty of Democrats were saying President Trump should be impeached before he even got elected. But, if President Trump's phone call with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky occurred in July 2019, then how could Democrats have any legal ground to say he should be impeached prior to that? Of course, the larger point is that the Ukrainian phone call isn't an impeachable offense, it's only the latest horse Democrats are trying to hitch their wagon to in order to remove a dutifully elected sitting president. For shame. Good on Rep. Jim Banks for calling them out.


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