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Screenshot via CNN

CNN hates President Donald J. Trump so much, that sometimes (most of the time) they trip over their own feet in their rush to criticize him. On Monday night, America was reminded of this yet again when CNN's "star" anchor Brian Stelter tried saying the president was lying about the weather in North Carolina. 


President Trump held a MAGA rally on Monday night and, per usual, there was a line basically around the block filled with eager fans hoping for a chance to see the president.

"Trump just said there are people in line for his rally and 'they are soaking wet,'" Stelter tweeted. "Per CNN's  @betsy_klein 'it is 88 and sunny here in Fayetteville. It has not rained here today,'" he added in an attempt to embarrass the president.

Of course, anybody who has ever been outside for more than 10 minutes in 88-degree weather knows that you sweat. And yes, sweat makes you soaking wet if you perspire long enough. Folks on Twitter quickly let Stelter know this fact.

"They are hot as hell and sweating in line," Seth Weathers responded. "Try reporting the news rather than trying to find something to attack Trump on every time he says something."

Debra Heine surmised that it was Stelter's stupidity which made him think the president was not telling the truth. "Let me guess -- he's 'lying' again because you can't figure out that he meant they were sweaty," she tweeted.


Stelter did manage to convince at least one person that Trump was lying -- Rosie O'Donnell. 

"Trump only lies - trump always lies - trump needs to go #TrumpLiesEverytimeHeSpeaks," the comedian tweeted. 

The media is so desperate they're attacking Trump on the weather. Next, he'll say "It's raining cats and dogs in Seattle" and Stelter will fact check whether or not canines and felines are actually falling from the sky. 

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