Biden Tries To 'Guarantee' End Of Fossil Fuels, But Insults Global Warming Activist Instead

Posted: Sep 09, 2019 12:50 PM
Biden Tries To 'Guarantee' End Of Fossil Fuels, But Insults Global Warming Activist Instead

Source: AP Photo/John Locher

Perplexingly, in addition to giving everything away for free, the Democrats also promise to ban just about everything as part of their 2020 platform. This is particularly true when it comes to fighting climate change (aka global warming before Al Gore's predictions didn't quite pan out). The latest example that the left has all but lost their marbles comes from, yet again, former Vice President Joe Biden. On Friday, he told a New Hampshire crowd that he would "end" fossil fuels in America if elected president. However, he did not do so the kindest way according to some in his audience.

According to the Washington Examiner, a New Hampshire climate change activist named Rebecca Beaulieu asked Biden, "How can we trust that you're going to act on climate, on the climate crisis if you're still attending fundraisers that fossil fuel executives like Andy Goldman are at?" 

Goldman recently hosted a dinner for Biden and also co-founded a Texas natural gas company. 

"He's not on the board or any, but he does not run it at all,” Biden said defending himself. “And by the way, if you have a 401K, do you have any investment in an oil company? Does that disqualify you to be engaged?”

"But kiddo," he continued, "I want you to just take a look okay? You don't have to agree, but I want to look at my eyes I guarantee, I guarantee you, we're going to end fossil fuels," Biden said while shaking a young woman's hand. The crowd applauded his remarks. 

Beaulieu, a member of the group 350 New Hampshire, said she was offended that he called her "Kiddo." 

"I know I look younger," Beaulieu said, “but I hope to be able to be at the table at discussions where climate is concerned." She also called the remarks "patronizing." 

As noted by GOP chairman Ronna McDaniel, Biden's proposal would "destroy 10.3 million American jobs – including 25,000 in NH."