Beto's Hoping Third Time's The Charm With Campaign Relaunch

Posted: Aug 15, 2019 1:30 PM
Beto's Hoping Third Time's The Charm With Campaign Relaunch

Source: AP Photo/Andres Leighton

Former Texas Congressman Robert Francis O'Rourke relaunched his presidential campaign again on Thursday from El Paso, Texas. Beto had taken time off from the campaign trail in the wake of the horrendous shooting that occurred earlier this August in his hometown. But, as for what he's thought about changing in his bid for the 2020 Democratic nomination this time around, it seems Beto is now going to focus on attacking President Donald J. Trump. How exactly will this look any different than what he's been doing? Well, the bottom-tier candidate says he will only be going to places which have been "terrorized" by the president. 

"As we head back to the campaign trail today, I know there is a way to do this better, and that came to me last week,” Beto told his El Paso crowd. 

"Someone asked if I was going to go to the Iowa State Fair. Corn dogs and Ferris wheels. And I said, no I can't go back for that. But I also can't go back to that," he continued.

 "The kinds of challenges we face in this country at this moment of crisis require an urgency unless we want to reap the consequences of failing to meet them," Beto promised. "To those places where Donald Trump has been terrorizing and terrifying and demeaning our fellow Americans, that’s where you’ll find me and this campaign. From El Paso, we’re heading to Mississippi to be with those families who have lost a loved one temporarily, maybe for the indefinite future, because of the hostility of this administration to immigrants. I want to be there to help lift them up and tell their story...Anyone this president puts down, we will do our best to lift up."

So, in short, it seems he is heading wherever he can be a virtue signal to leftists. 

He also warned that he is "confident that if at this moment, we do not wake up to this threat, then we as a country will die in our sleep....The response to this has to be that each of us make a commitment to see clearly… and to act decisively in this moment of truth." 

It's odd. Beto promises to go into counties and areas of presumably heavily Hispanic populations, but when Beto served the majority Hispanic city of El Paso, he terrorized communities of color himself by encouraging a plan that aimed to bulldoze homes in the El Segundo Barrio part of the city so that his father-in-law could put new condos and an entertainment district. 

As David Dorado Romo, a local historian, told the New York Times, “Mr. O’Rourke was basically the pretty face of this very ugly plan against our most vulnerable neighborhoods." 

Another resident Guadalupe Ochoa, 75, said, “We had voted for Mr. Beto, and now that he got to the top, and close to the power, he turned things around on us." 

As for why not staying in Texas and running (again) for Senate, Beto added, "That would not be good enough for this community, that would not be good enough for El Paso, that would not be good enough for this country...I want to be the leader for this country that we need right now."