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Uh-Oh, Joe! Democratic Rivals Catch On To The Fact You And Obama Deported Millions Of Illegal Aliens

AP Photo/Rick Bowme

Poor Joe Biden. The career politician simply cannot catch a break from progressives on the 2020 Democratic primary presidential campaign trail. The latest thorn in Biden's side stems from his years serving under his "best friend" President Barack Obama. It is somewhat of an odd fact, but President Trump's immediate predecessor actually deported more individuals than he has so far at this point in office. Sadly, for Biden however, the progressives are now calling for what is tantamount to open borders. Thus they are turning even on the former Messiah of the Democratic Party due to his enforcement of immigration law and saying that Biden must answer for the actions Obama office took. 


As pointed out by the RNC's Steve Guest, Mayor Bill de Blasio slammed Biden on CNN today saying that he "absolutely" should explain why the United States deported millions of illegal aliens when he was vice president. The answer, of course, for conservatives is pretty simple -- they were here illegally. But, Democrats, in their ever desire to inch increasingly more leftist, now believe it racist to deport any illegal alien.

As Politico reported this week , progressives around the country have already said Biden needs to take responsibility for his actions.

via Poltico:

“Biden needs to be accountable,” said Joe Enriquez Henry, vice president of the Midwestern region of League of United Latin American Citizens, which is meeting for its annual convention in Milwaukee this week. “Biden needs to make it clear, if he wants to be president, that he has compassion and understanding and he needs to ask for forgiveness.”


Biden, for his part,  has defended the deportation of 3 million individuals by saying that "Barack has been one heck of a job." 

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