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AP Photo/Steven Senne, File

If you found yourself watching the Democratic 2020 presidential debates last week and thinking that the candidates have become so openminded that their brains have fallen out, it appears you are not alone. Even MSNBC's Joe Scarborough, a former Republican Congressman, had to point out how extreme the party has become in their open borders, overspending, big government crusade. 


"Democratic candidates, you now support: (1) universal health care for illegal immigrants, (2) making illegally crossing America’s borders legal, and, (3) a return to forced busing," the host of Morning Joe tweeted.

Indeed, as Townhall covered last Wednesday and Thursday, the candidates all supported giving illegal aliens healthcare and open border policies. Even potential frontrunner Sen. Kamala Harris apparently supports forced busing in the 21st century. 

But now that cultural icon of the left Colin Kaepernick, who claimed he was never protesting the American flag and instead was protesting police brutality, has demanded that Nike not issue shoes that feature the Betsy Ross version of the American flag, Scarborough wonders if the Democratic candidates will kowtow to the social justice warriors by also opposing Betsy Ross flag. "Do you also now support the banning of the Betsy Ross flag from public places?" he posited. 


Scarborough's question brings up an interesting facet of 2020 race -- Republicans are already slamming Nike and Kaepernick for their decision to pull the project. President Trump has yet to comment on it, but most likely surely will. Will Democratic candidates support Kaepernick? My guess is most will issue a bogus statement about supporting freedom of speech and commenting that dissent is the highest form of patriotism while not actually addressing the question of whether or not they agree with Kaepernick.

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