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Mug shot via Knox County Sheriff's Office

If ever an anecdotal story could offer empirical proof for just how broken our immigration system truly is, it is that of Javier Morales.

The illegal alien was deported by authorities in January 2019 after being accused of raping a woman. Apparently, Morales was hired by a Knoxville resident to paint her apartment. While he was there, he decided to attack her and commit sexual assault, she said. 


He was apprehended and subsequently deported. Officials said that if he ever wound up back in the United States, that he would be placed under arrest. 

Well, according to local news, Morales was arrested again on Monday, June 17 just five months after his deportation. Now, after being sneaking back into the country despite being a suspected rapist, Morales will face trial for sexual assault. 

Depending on how the jury rules, Morales faces 15-60 years in prison and a fine not more than $50,000 for aggravated rape or 8-30 years in prison and a fine not more than $25,000 for rape or aggravated sexual battery under Tennessee law. 

Reports did not give any information as to how Morales re-entered the United States, but given the fact that record numbers of illegal immigrants have been coming into the United States all year, it is not surprising he managed to find his way back into the country.


In short, if the United States had better border security and a working immigration system, Morales most likely never would have made it into the country in the first place and even more assuredly would not be able to return in just under five months to the exact city where he  allegedly committed his heinous crime. 

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