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Will Bernie Sanders Quote Hugo Chavez While Defending Democratic Socialism Next Week?

AP Photo/John Locher

Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign announced that the Vermont senator and 2020 candidate speak next week at George Washington University in Washington, DC defending the supposed virtues of democratic socialism and arguing his case to the progressive base why this economic vision must be embraced to defeat President Donald J. Trump. However, the campaign did not mention if Sen. Sanders will quote the deceased Venezuelan "leader" and democratic socialist advocate Hugo Chavez in his remarks, but Sanders' initial statements on the speech sound awfully similar to the man responsible for the economic ruin of Venezuela. 


"He will make the case that a strong grassroots campaign based on these progressive values is the only way to confront oligarchy and authoritarianism and defeat Donald Trump," a statement released by the campaign said. 

Specifically, he "will deliver a major address on Wednesday at The George Washington University in which he will put democratic socialism in its historic context as part of the American progressive tradition." 

The event will be closed to the public. However, if Sen. Sanders' continues his rigorous steadfastness to progressive ideals which end in tyranny, famine, and poverty (like when he praised Venezuela for supposedly being a place where the American dream is more likely to be realized), then those not able to attend can simply read the history of Hugo Chavez to understand what Sanders is truly promising. 

“The only way to save the world is through socialism, but a socialism that exists within a democracy; there’s no dictatorship here," Chavez once said. That statement sounds awfully similar to the campaign press release promising to stand up to "oligarchy and authoritarianism" via the anti-capitalist economic agenda. Chavez, like Sanders, also believed that free healthcare was a human right, the government should supply free higher education, and that the government must force higher wages to solve poverty. 


In turn, Venezuela has gone from being a powerful and wealthy nation to one on the brink of pure anarchy where citizens are forced to eat their pets and zoo animals as well as sell their hair and bodies in order to survive. Any argument made by Sen. Sanders next week will be overshadowed and rebutted by the long list of countries ruined by socialism and collectivist economics pushed by far-left progressives like Sanders and his ilk. 

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