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(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

There is nothing, and I do mean nothing, quite like an Anti-American dictator promoting socialism that brings the far-left weirdos out of the woodwork in order to protest and make asinine arguments for why the United States of America is evil. This time, the moonbats (as Howie Carr refers to them) and Code Pink protesters are reliving their glory days outside the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington, DC, telling native-born Venezuelans why socialism is good and American citizens why we need to learn from the Maduro Regime if we want to be a moral society. 


As Sarah Lee reported Friday, "Colorado Republican Rep. Scott Tipton sent a letter to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Friday requesting that members of radical activist group Code Pink be removed from the Venezuelan embassy in Washington, D.C., which they have apparently occupied for the last several weeks."

Now, we have some footage outside the embassy of these far-left loons and you have to truly see it to believe it. Here, we have moonbat telling a native Venezuelan that he is "wrong" for wanting "anybody's help" including President Donald J Trump to save his people from famine, poverty, and death. While the man insists he does not like Trump, the liberal deems it her duty to judge his soul -- turns out she thinks he is a bad guy for wanting Trump's help. The man responds saying, "Yeah, well, that's what happens when you live under a dictator for twenty years. 

Next, transgender activist Morgan Artyukhina insists that despite the current reality in Venezuela, the United States government has "so much" to learn from Maduro such as "Tbuilding millions of houses for the homeless...to distributing boxes of food to those who need it....they have a democracy formed they rewrote their constitution, ours has not been rewritten in 250 years." 


Of course, despite promises of those free things mentioned by Artyukihina, Venezuela is in economic ruin, citizens are forced to eat their pets for food, sell their hair and bodies for money, and are currently being trampled to death by Maduro's regime. After an eight-year sabbatical during President Obama's administration, it seems that Codepink and their ilk have finally come back swinging with twice as much delusional rhetoric as they did under President George W. Bush. It seems President Trump isn't just making America great again, he's making far-left protests comically great again as well. 

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