You Otter Know Better: California Aquarium Apologizes for Fat Jokes About an Animal

Posted: Dec 22, 2018 12:48 PM

The Monterey Bay Aquarium has apologized for poking fun at the weight of its beloved otter, Abby, after users on Twitter objected to their word choices in a recent tweet. 

On Tuesday, December 18th, the California aquarium paid homage to Abby, an otter who helps train orphaned Lutrinaes back into a normal life of existence. In what was supposed to be a humorous gesture pointing out the rotund nature of Abby, a tweet sent from their account turned into a PR nightmare for their social media team.

Each of these sayings are popular ways of describing curvier than usual humans and are often featured in memes. 

Monterey Aquarium then followed it up by saying, "body pawsivity," a play on "body positivity" campaigns used to promote self-esteem amongst all body types. 

But, shortly after these tweets, Monterey backtracked and apologized and called it "a learning moment."

This all seems very silly. It was very clearly not to be taken seriously nor to degrade fellow humans. Abby is a large animal. It was a funny tweet.