Why Didn't the Far-Left Weirdos Just Go on Tucker's Show Rather than Target His Home?

Posted: Nov 11, 2018 3:01 PM
Why Didn't the Far-Left Weirdos Just Go on Tucker's Show Rather than Target His Home?

A team of perennial losers recently took on the proverbial "man" -- this time Tucker Carlson -- and stood up against his supposed hatred. They accomplished this "noble" task by bombarding his home, banging tambourines, and scaring the daylights out of his wife, a mother of four on Wednesday night. But why would they promote such hostility knowing that he was at work? And why conduct this "protest" when they have every other outlet, even Carlson's own, to use their words instead of violence?

The answer to these questions is partially buried at the bottom of a ThinkProgress article replete with sordid justifications and denials that this mob was indeed a mob. According to Alan Pyke, who wrote the piece and attended the Smash Racism DC "protest", he and his group are not interested in conversation. They are only interested in intimidation and fear. 

Pyke willingly admits this:

The point of these direct actions, the activists behind them consistently say, is to deliver an emotional counterpunch to bad actors in U.S. politics whose work raises threat levels for marginalized communities. The point, in other words, is to unsettle and frighten — and I certainly would have been frightened had it been me in that house.

In Smash Racism DC's world, Carlson is not just a mouthpiece for white supremacy but its leader. Despite no proof of this, it is what the left ardently believes. That "emotional counterpunch" is the only way they can fight back against Carlson because they do not have any valid rebuttals against him. The far left's perverse view of reality dictates their behavior. Carlson regularly exposes that this view lacks any substance on his show.

He even somewhat predicted Smash Racism's actions against him while discussing how progressives willingly give a platform to actual white supremacists with no real power in America. The left does this in order to advance their lies and to keep people scared. They skirt the truth to control and to silence those who disagree.

"White supremacy is just that prevalent in America, they tell us. It's everywhere. Except it's not. That's a lie. White supremacy is not ubiquitous in America. It's not a crisis. It's not even a meaningful category. It is incredibly rare," Carlson said in August.

"You could easily live your entire life in this country without meeting a single person who believes anything like that. Most of us have lived lives like that. I have. In fact, this is a generous, tolerant country. It always has been that. People who tell you otherwise are either delusional or trying to control you with fear, likely both."

Indeed, Pyke's article shows that these people are "delusional [and] trying to control you with fear." So to answer the question in this title, despite Carlson's frequent guests of opposing viewpoints, the group that targeted Carlson's home cannot go on his show to debate because they would not be able to defend their positions.

In fact, they already lost on his show after a spokesperson for Smash Racism DC was interviewed in August. Smash Racism/Antifa's Mike Isaacson was destroyed during the debate by Carlson pretty miserably. 

Smash Racism's ideas failed in front of millions. So, rather than attempt to defeat Carlson again with intellectual means, they tried to scare him into shutting up. For the sake of clarity, it is not apparent that Isaacson attended the protest, but a group he was affiliated with certainly was. Perhaps Carlson's producers are inviting Smash Racism DC on his show to debate again, perhaps not given that the group now admits their disinterest in discourse. Based on their cowardice attack of Carlson's home, it is doubtful they would even show up. Based on their previous performance on Fox News, the group would most likely lose again if they actually debated Carlson.