Maxine Waters: Harass Trump Officials at Gas Stations, Restaurants, and Shopping Malls

Posted: Jun 24, 2018 10:45 AM

On Saturday night, California Congresswoman Maxine Waters encouraged the type of recent protests against President Trump as seen in several Washington, DC and Virginia area restaurants, saying that she has "no sympathy" for those who serve in the administration and that the public should "turn on them" and "absolutely harass" White House officials while they are doing normal every day activities. 

Rep. Waters (D-CA) has called for President Trump's impeachment in the past, even leading chants at rallies saying, "Impeach 45! Impeach 45!". Yesterday, "Auntie Maxine",  as she is affectionately known amongst her fans, added her name to a growing list of Democratic officials who are calling for Department of Homeland Security Sec. Kirstjen Nielsen to resign due to her handling of the child-migrant crisis at the US-Mexican border. 

Rep. Waters then went further, adding that members of the Trump administration who continue to serve and defend the president should be harangued at gas stations, restaurants, and while shopping at department stores. "They know what they are doing is wrong," said Rep. Waters. And for that, the public should ridicule and protest them every chance they get, according to the California congresswoman. The scrutiny should be so bad that it forces officials such as Sec. Nielsen to "tell the President 'No, this is wrong. I can't hang with you. This is unconscionable. We can't keep doing this to children," she adds. 

As one activist named Ryan Knight notes, three separate White House officials were bombarded with chants by members of the "resistance" while they were trying to enjoy a meal out just this past week. Knight echoes Rep. Waters advice saying, "WE THE PEOPLE ARE RISING UP." 

Rep. Waters segment on MSNBC was picked up by Kyle Morris and can be viewed below.