What Does Maxine Waters Actually Do In Congress?

Posted: Oct 28, 2017 6:15 PM
What Does Maxine Waters Actually Do In Congress?

Maxine Waters (D-CA) has rebranded herself in the Trump Era as a strong public servant standing up to the corrupt, demagogic president. Repeatedly, she has harangued the president during speeches that range from AIDS fundraisers to LGBT Gala award dinners.

Today in Michigan, Waters led a raucous chorus at a women’s rally, chanting “Impeach 45! Impeach 45!” But, people would be wise to remember that her career is one of corruption and failure.

Rep. Waters has passed just three bills in her 27 years in Congress. That means on average, Waters produces something noteworthy for constituents every 9 years. One of the bills was renaming a Post Office. Impressive stuff. 

In the interim, she is busy making money for her family and allies. Her family has accrued more than a million dollars during her time in the House, according to Red Alert Politics.

Furthermore, the group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington has given Rep. Waters the most corrupt member of congress four separate times. Waters’ shady financial dealings should concern all Americans. Democrats still have produced nothing that shows President Trump should be impeached, but financial kickbacks abound for liberal members of Congress like the “great stateswoman” Waters in a slew of various ways.

Rep. Waters spoke today at a Women’s March Convention focusing largely on sexual assault. This is an important issue to focus on, especially in light of the heinous Harvey Weinstein revelations. The crowd no doubt enjoyed having Rep. Waters present; one woman telling the Detroit Free Press that she was still shaking from the experience. 

 "I loved how she called Trump out and I loved how she encouraged women to speak out and led us in an ‘impeach’ chant,” she  said. “It was so powerful to hear thousands of women chant 'impeach.' I’m still shaking.”

But, to the women chanting along with “Auntie Maxine,” remember that aside from rhetorical posturing, she has done relatively little for you in nearly 30 years of public service.

The chant can be seen in a video below provided by the Detroit Free Press.