Elderly Texas Man Shoots and Scares Away Creep During Alleged Break-in

Posted: Mar 24, 2018 4:05 PM

An elderly man in Grayson County, Texas practiced his second amendment rights Thursday night after shooting a home intruder and defending his property and livelihood against theft and possibly worse, reports KXII 12

According to police, the bed-ridden senior citizen woke to a familiar face breaking into his house late Thursday night, an apparent landscaper who had recently done work on his yard. The homeowner warned the low-life to scram, but refused. That's when the man grabbed his gun next to his bedside table, and shot the alleged criminal three times in the stomach. 

The would be robber ran off and was later found at a nearby hospital. 

"And so we're not real sure, that's part of what the investigation is, trying to figure out how he got from the scene to a local hospital, being injured," Capt. Sarah Bigham of Grayson County Police said..

"It's just going to take awhile to dig through the incident to figure out what really happened," she added. 

There is little detail regarding the man who shot the intruder. 

While it does not necessarily apply here, it is worth noting that Texas utilizes what is known as the "castle law." 

"We live in a state that is very friendly toward defending ourselves. We are Texans, we take a lot of pride in that," said attorney Justin B. Underwood. "The castle doctrine in Texas permits residents, authorizes Texas residents to use deadly force in certain circumstances," Attorney Justin Underwood told ABC 7.

"If they are trying to commit or committing the offenses of aggravated kidnapping, murder, sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault, robbery or aggravated robbery or burglary at night time, or just plain theft at nighttime, it's in the statute. You are authorized to use deadly force in Texas to protect yourself," Underwood added.

"When the shroud of darkness falls over our town and it's nighttime, now you are authorized by law to respond with deadly force even if someone is attempting a theft against you or attempting to burglarize you," the attorney added. 

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