Ted Cruz Calls Out CNN's 'Iranian Pravda'

Posted: Dec 30, 2017 3:00 PM

Fox News contributor and writer Stephen Miller has harangued CNN’s coverage, or lack thereof, regarding Iran's anti-government protests throughout the weekend. One tweet caught the attention of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), leading the staunch conservative statesman to compare CNN to the parody site The Onion as well as calling their stories “Iranian Pravda.” 

Miller’s tweet highlights the fact that CNN’s lead story earlier this morning, after little to no coverage at all, focused on Iranian protests…but not the anti-government demonstrations. CNN’s lead story reported on the relatively minor gatherings on Saturday supporting  the theocratic state and commemorating the anniversary of the end of prior anti-government protests in 2009. 

This led Sen. Cruz to give some pointed advice for the alleged "fake-news propaganda” outlet. 

"Iranian Pravada" is in reference to the “newspaper” of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, titled “Pravda.” In reality it was not a newspaper at all, but a propaganda machine used to bolster the USSR’s communist leaders and shield its people from the truth. Cruz’s jab at CNN was preceded by a retweet of Mark Levin lambasting western media for not covering these protests. 

For what it is worth, CNN's star anchor Jake Tapper has given ample coverage and support via his Twitter feed to the anti-government protesters. 

Earlier today via Facebook, Sen. Cruz called upon all “freedom loving nations” to rally support behind the Iranian people.

I strongly support and stand in solidarity with the Iranian people who are bravely taking to the streets to speak out against their repressive, brutal government in Tehran. These protests reveal to the world that the Iranian regime would rather export and finance terror beyond its borders--especially to its terrorist proxies in Syria, Gaza, Iraq, Lebanon, and Yemen--than work to meet the basic needs of its own citizens.

The Iranian people want freedom and an end to the ayatollahs' reign of terror. The sanctions relief provided under the disastrous Obama nuclear deal has done nothing but line the pockets of Iran's mullahs whose sole desire is to spread their hateful ideology and do everything they can to murder Americans, Israelis, and our allies across Europe and the Middle East.

I urge the Trump Administration to do everything possible to support these courageous protestors, and I call upon freedom-loving nations everywhere to rally behind and publicly express their support for the Iranian people.

These are the largest public demonstrations against the theocratic government since 2009 and have occurred in more than 20 cities nationwide.