Carly Fiorina Slams the Politicization of Sexual Assault

Posted: Nov 26, 2017 10:05 AM

Carly Fiorina slammed the politicization of sexual assault on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace today. The former HP CEO and 2016 GOP presidential primary candidate called for institutional change, criticized both political parties, and even called out the former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes. 

When asked why such sexual harassment occurs, Fiorina lamented the fact that in many circles it has been tantamount to an open secret.

“In virtually all of these cases, there has been corroboration of the womens' cases. In virtually every case, it's not one woman who comes forward. I think what we all need to think about particularly men need to think about is that people knew. People knew it was going. You can’t tell me no one knew it was going on with Roy Moore, or John Conyers, or Al Franken, or Charlie Rose, or Roger Ailes, or Howard Weinstein. (sic) I think the question going forward is, when are we going to stop tolerating this behavior and stop respecting the men who did it?" 

The long time host of Fox News Sunday asked Fiorina about the Democrats' problems with senior ranking Democrats Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) and Rep. John Conyers (D-MI). 

 “First of all this behavior goes on all the time. In politics, in the work place, in athletics. And when we politicize it…it’s not my team vs. your team. Republicans and Democrats alike are guilty of it,"  she told Wallace. 

As for the process of reporting sexual harassment in Congress, Fiorina highlighted the long and tedious process it takes to even accuse a member of Congress of sexual harassment. 

"I tell you the most helpful thing would be for Congress to change its own process. If someone wants to come forward and allege harassment or abuse, they must go through a mandatory 30 days of counseling, mandatory mediation, led by a lawyer whose express purpose is to protect the institution, and then maybe if they are lucky, they get a secret settlement paid for by tax payers from the Treasury.  That ought to change. That whole process is designed to protect politicians, democrats and Republicans, to protect the institution, and to make it next to impossible, for a woman, or in some cases a young boy page, to come forward. That ought to change, that would actually help.”

Wallace opened the segment by asking about President Donald Trump's apparent support for Alabama GOP senate candidate Roy Moore, despite the numerous accounts of sexual impropriety charged at the candidate. 

“Well that’s politics isn’t it, Chris? This is all about politics. And that’s why when politicians talk about (sexual harassment) they don’t have a lot of credibility. This has been going on in politics for a very long time. It’s a little bit like George Washington warned us 200 years ago, the problem with politics and political parties is they care about winning above all else. Donald Trump cares about a vote in the senate. No more, no less.”

Sunday morning President Donald J. Trump seemed to confirm Fiorina's speculation that a large amount of his support for Moore is for a vote in the senate. He tweeted "Jones would be a disaster." 

Fiorina also laid in to the fact that she, and every woman she knows, were at one point or another a victim of sexual harassment. 

"Of course I was (sexually harassed). Every woman I know was…All women are not victims. But the power of men over women has been with us for a long time and we all know it."

The full twelve minute long interview can be seen here.

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