Awesome Video After a NYC Scaffolding Collapse Shows the Greatness of America

Posted: Nov 19, 2017 2:20 PM

High winds led to a dangerous scene in SoHo, New York, as a scaffolding collapsed Sunday afternoon and injured five.

The accident occurred on Broadway and Prince Street in Manhattan, NY. Winds as high as 50 miles per hour were predicted this afternoon, leading to a wind advisory warning.

Large chunks of metal, wood, and other building materials went flying. No body was seriously injured, but one person was seen lifted away on a stretcher.

A video recorded by a bystander shows brave Americans running towards the debris. “Everybody help! Everybody help," one person is heard yelling.  Dozens of tourists and locals assisted in helping their fellow human being.

While in the grand scheme of things this was a minor accident, the scene appeared to be much worse. Still, fellow Americans were willing to go towards the danger instead of away from it. That quick  clip highlights the greatness of America; our willingness to assist others. That unity is something that we all tend to forget still exists. It is difficult to see the bonds in our society as our culture becomes increasingly polarized. However, the majority of the time, most Americans are still willing to sacrifice their wellbeing for their fellow man regardless of the danger. 

This story will be updated as details come in regarding the injuries.