Hillary Clinton Says Bill Wouldn't Have Survived 1992 If Fox News Had Been Around

Posted: Nov 19, 2017 10:39 AM

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appeared with her husband President Bill Clinton on Saturday evening, and made some surprising admissions regarding the news media, specifically Fox News.

The political duo appeared together on stage to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Bill’s 1992 presidential election victory over incumbent George H.W. Bush.

As reported by the Daily Caller, Hillary had harsh criticisms of conservative media outlets.

“Unfortunately our body politic’s immune system has been impaired because there has been a concerted effort starting with the creation of the Fox network — it wasn’t there when Bill first ran, it was one of the reasons he probably survived, it was there when he ran the second time — it and all of its associated media outlets who are by no means delivering news. They are delivering partisan advocacy positions irrespective of the truth, the facts, the evidence,” Clinton said. (Emphasis Added)

 She continued,

“I think we’ve got to stand up regardless of what party regardless of our own ideological beliefs. A democracy depends on an informed citizenry that has access to accurate information. And I will tell you that there is no such thing as an alternative fact it does not exist in politics or in nature."

One could argue Clinton is only doubling down on her remarks regarding the Monica Lewinsky scandal from 1998. Consider an excerpt from the following New York Times article

"Delivering a blistering White House counterattack, Hillary Rodham Clinton charged today that the Whitewater prosecutor's sex-scandal investigation of her husband was part of a ''vast right-wing conspiracy'' dedicated to destroying his Presidency.

''It's not just one person, it's an entire operation,'' Mrs. Clinton contended as she offered the first lengthy remarks from either of the Clintons in denial of accusations that the President had had an affair with a White House intern and had then sought to have the intern lie about it.

The First Lady offered no new information in defense of her husband, saying his relationship with the woman, Monica S. Lewinsky, would be explained ''as time goes by.'' (Emphasis added)

As for whether or not the sexual misconduct charges against her husband at the time were true, Hillary was adamant they were false. 

"..the current accusations were the work of ''malicious and evil-minded'' political opponents trying ''to undo the results of two elections. The President has denied these allegations on all counts, unequivocally,'' she said. ''And we'll see how this plays out.''

Asked how grave the accusations were, she replied, ''If all that were proven true, I think that would be a very serious offense.'' But, she said, ''that is not going to be proven true.''

She said the suspicions about her husband were baseless, ''part of the unfortunate, mean-spirited give-and-take of American politics right now.'' (Emphasis added)

Of course, it was proven true that President Bill Clinton had an inappropriate affair with an intern and lied about it under oath. Perhaps somebody should ask Hillary whether she considered her statements regarding a "vast right wing conspiracy" to be an alternative fact at the time or simply a lie.