Finally: Washington Post Compliments Trump Supporters

Posted: Oct 07, 2017 9:01 AM

President Donald J. Trump’s supporters are immensely loyal to the president, backing the commander-in-chief not just with their words, but their wallets as well. In fact, donations to the Republican National Committee have skyrocketed so much under President Trump, even the liberal Washington Post has taken notice.

The Washington Post published a story on Friday highlighting the millions of dollars that Trump supporters have given to the RNC in the form of low-dollar donations – donations of $200 or less. 

In 2017, more than $40 million worth of donations to the RNC have come from low-dollar donations. That’s 60% of the total $68 million raised by the RNC this year. 

This trend for Donald Trump is nothing new. An often unreported fact of the 2016 election is that Trump managed to raise $239 million off donations of $200 or less. 

That means President Trump received more low-dollar donations than Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders- combined.

Trump’s 2016 low-dollar fundraising efforts outpaced even Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election efforts of $219 million, according to the the nonpartisan Campaign Finance Institute, which compiled the data.

“It was extraordinary,” said Michael Malbin. the group's executive director. “It says that his donors are intensely committed.”

As one fundraising e-mail signed in Trump's name highlights, these figures show that President Trump and the RNC do not necessarily have to worry about being indebted to the ultra-rich and pay them back with favorable policies. 

“They say I’m isolated by lobbyists, corporations, grandstanding politicians, and Hollywood. GOOD! I don’t want them. All I ever want is the support and love from the AMERICAN PEOPLE who’ve been betrayed by a weak and self-serving political class.”

President Trump took to Twitter Saturday morning, showing his surprise that the Washington Post ran a positive story about Trump and his donors, as well as thanking the millions who have contributed their hard earned money to his efforts.