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No, Mr. Krugman, There is Not a Cholera Outbreak in Puerto Rico

Yesterday, liberal pundit and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman incorrectly tweeted that cholera, a deadly bacterial disease caused by unsanitary water, had resurfaced in Puerto Rico.


Then moments later, he corrected himself with a follow up tweet. 

You will notice his fake news has amassed thousands of retweets and favorites, while his correction has not.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed there is no outbreak of Cholera anywhere in Puerto Rico nor anywhere else in the U.S.A. and its territories. 


This type of media malpractice is nothing new. Remember when liberals reported that "blacks have begun eating each other in the New Orleans Super Dome" after Hurricane Katrina? 

The difference is now Twitter has enabled pundits such as Krugman to tweet these inane statements, which are then rebroadcast to thousands if not millions of people. The actual facts of the case are lost in the twittersphere and what we get is a nation of confused citizens duped by fake news. 

Mr. Krugman should delete his inaccurate tweet to avoid spreading false information.


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