MSNBC Host Joy Reid's Genius Graces Us All

Posted: Sep 24, 2017 3:05 PM

MSNBC host Joy Reid has shone her brilliant political acumen once again Sunday morning. 

Upon a tumultuous weekend in which the nation was captivated, enthralled, and engaged in debating the nuances of patriotism, Reid took to Twitter to chime in on the debate.

Joy continued with this phenomenon, rendering a conclusion worthy of a Nobel prize or at least a Harvard Visiting Fellow offer.

Another poignant Twitter observer noted that former quarterback Tim Tebow received praise for kneeling while praying at a football game. Disregard the fact that Tebow wasn't kneeling during the national but after scoring touchdowns and his Christian faith caused plenty of controversy. 

Such astute observations from the host of AM Joy with Joy Reid.

As a Catholic, I've always been under the impression that kneeling signified humbling one's self, shedding of ego, and bowing my head before God. Standing for the anthem signified pride in my country, my fellow countrymen, and symbolizing standing up for freedom as those before me have done. Yet, that has all changed since reading Joy's tweet. 

Why kneeling is okay some places but not everywhere is surely a mystery, but I am confident Joy's tenacious attitude on this subject will get her to the answer. 

Thanks, Joy. No word yet if the people who are mad at Trump will be standing in the communion line. 

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