Indiana Governor Mike Pence Endorses Ted Cruz

Posted: Apr 29, 2016 2:03 PM

After holding back an endorsement, Indiana Governor Mike Pence has broken his silence and has endorsed Senator Ted Cruz.

The Indiana primary on Tuesday may well be the last stand for the “Stop Trump” movement. If Donald Trump carries the winner-take-all state and all 57 delegates that come with it, his odds of reaching the 1237 delegate threshold to win the nomination outright will increase significantly.

Trump recently asked Governor Pence for his endorsement, but now that Pence appears to be supporting Cruz, his campaign is downplaying the governor’s impact. From Politico:

"Well, we've seen now that endorsements haven't had too much weight in many of these elections," national spokeswoman Katrina Pierson said in an interview with Fox News, following a report from Breitbart that Pence would announce his decision during an Indianapolis radio show later in the day.

…"But at the end of the day, he has been mathematically eliminated, and this would just be an attempt to force some sort of convention which I don't think will happen," Pierson said. "Mr. Trump can still win the 1,237 prior to the convention even if Cruz wins Indiana. So I really don't think it is going to move because people are seeing the writing on the wall."

Governor Pence announced his endorsement on Greg Garrison’s radio show, saying that "I see Ted Cruz as a principled conservative.... I'm pleased to support him." Here's the Governor's remarks on the race:

This could make a tight race in the state even more interesting. A new poll out today shows Trump leading in Indiana with 37 percent, just barely ahead of Cruz at 35 percent.