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Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Polling in Fourth Place Ahead of Next Month's Election

AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast

Chicago's Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot is locked in a tight race heading into the final weeks of her bid to serve another term as leader of the Windy City after being elected to the post in 2019's election in her first run for public office. 


A recent "2023 Race for Mayor Survey" conducted at the end of 2022 was released by local outlets The Daily Line and Crain's Chicago Business this month showing the state of play in the crowded eight-candidate field running to be mayor, and Lightfoot...isn't leading the pack.

According to the survey, Lightfoot was in fourth place. Other candidates Jesus "Chuy" Garcia and Brandon Johnson had 25 percent of the vote each while Paul Vallas received 15 percent. Lightfoot polled at just 11 percent. 

According to The Daily Line and Crain's Chicago Business, their survey polled more than 1,700 Chicago residents "from a variety of sources" and their margin of error was plus-or-minus three percent. 

Among other issues that have plagued Chicago on her watch, crime has made already dangerous Windy City streets even worse. Townhall's Julio Rosas has repeatedly traveled to Chicago to report on the spiking crime, finding over the summer that confidence in Lightfoot was crossing the tipping point as a result of frequent shootings and other violent crime. 


There are endless anecdotes that illustrate the crime crisis that has gone unmitigated during Lightfoot's tenure — see here and here for more from Julio — and she's failed to provide hope for Chicago residents that law and order will soon make a comeback. 

Just this week, Evita Duffy of Chicago Thinker interviewed the city's residents to ask them whether they agree with their mayor that Chicago is safer under Lightfoot's leadership. 

Chicago's residents will cast their votes for mayor on February 28, but there's a chance that no candidate will secure the majority of votes necessary to avoid a runoff election on April 4. 

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