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AP Photo/Yuki Iwamura

On Thursday night, Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter, finally, became official after he was seen entering the company's headquarters earlier this week — as Katie reported at the time.  


There was a lot of movement from the social media company's San Francisco headquarters on Thursday evening, which Vespa noted here. Among those sent to the Twitter departure lounge and reportedly leaving the office for the last time as Musk officially took ownership were C-suite executives who played significant roles in what became the notorious censorship of those deemed unworthy of having a voice on the platform. 

Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal left Twitter for the last time on Thursday, along with CFO Ned Segal as Musk began his promised purge of Twitter's ranks to remake the company to match his vision.

Not that they necessarily deserve it after all Twitter has done to conservatives — from the suspensions, to the shadow bans, to the lifetime bans, to their censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop and other stories — but don't shed a tear for Agrawal, at least, who is now $42 million richer after Musk closed the deal with Twitter, Axios reported

In addition, Twitter's General Counsel Sean Edgett along with Vijaya Gadde — Twitter's head of legal policy, trust and safety — were sent packing by Musk. 

Gadde's departure is perhaps most notable for the fact she was the driving force inside Twitter to permanently ban former President Donald Trump. But that "permanent" ban might not be so permanent after all now that Musk is in charge and Gadde is gone. 


In addition to Gadde getting a swift kick out the doors of Twitter, Musk has floated plans to lift the once-lifetime bans doled out by the old Twitter regime — a group of former users that includes former President Donald Trump. That sets the stage for a return to tweeting by one of the most prolific, and often most entertaining users. While the 45th president has since created his own social media platform, Truth Social, the user base and lib-triggering opportunities presented by Twitter may prove irresistible to Trump — even if just to troll President Joe Biden and other Democrats. 

In a statement posted on his social media network, Trump said Truth Social "has become somewhat of a phenomena" and claimed that "Last week it had bigger numbers than all other platforms, including TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, and the rest" while adding "It also looks and works better to my eye. I am very happy that Twitter is now in sane hands, and will no longer be run by Radical Left Lunatics and Maniacs that truly hate our country," Trump continued. "Twitter must now work hard to rid itself of all of the bots and fake accounts that have hurt it so badly. It will be much smaller, but better. I LOVE TRUTH!"

Reaching Thursday night's official takeover by Musk was a process that took more than six months. As Townhall reported through the long-running saga of Musk and Twitter's on-again, off-again deal, the tech billionaire first made waves when he became the company's largest shareholder on April 4. Ten days later on April 14, Musk made his official offer to buy Twitter in a hostile takeover. Following hemming and hawing from Twitter's board, they approved the deal on April 25. But it ultimately took another six months and two days for the deal to be completed on Thursday evening.


Now that Musk has started his Twitter purge at the top of the organizational chart it remains to be seen how many employees down on lower rungs end up packing their bags as well. Employees within Twitter have been losing their marbles in recent days — as Leah reported here — and circulated an open letter that more or less proves Musk's concerns about the Twitter workforce's snowflake sensibilities. 

Ironically, after using their positions within the company to discriminate against conservatives using Twitter's platform, the company's employees are demanding that they be allowed to keep their current jobs and begging Musk not to discriminate based on political views. 

But like many other Twitter bullies, Twitter's employees who have signed onto their pleading open letter have done so anonymously — for now. 

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