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Sen. Cornyn Introduces Bill to Increase Security for Supreme Court Justices

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn introduced a bill on Wednesday to provide greater security protection to Supreme Court Justices — and their families — in the wake of a shocking leak of a draft opinion that set off a firestorm of heated opposition from Democrats in Congress, the mainstream media, and leftist activists. 


Dubbed the "Supreme Court Police Parity Act," Cornyn's bill aims to extend existing protection provided to Justices to include their families, and the legislation comes in the wake of increased calls for violence against originalist Justices who, according to the leaked draft reported by POLITICO, are joining Alito in overturning Roe and Casey

The bill would also grant arrest authority to the Supreme Court Police in the event people interfere with its official duties and create a new criminal penalty for anyone who obstructs or impedes the Supreme Court Police in the performance of its protective duties.

As Julio reported earlier on Thursday amid escalating threats against members of the Court, the less-significant bicycle rack-style barriers that had been placed around the Supreme Court when the leak was first published had been replaced with taller riot fencing, similar to what has been placed around the U.S. Capitol in recent months and around federal buildings under siege by Antifa and BLM rioters in other cities.


"The events of the past week have intensified the focus on Supreme Court Justices’ families, who are unfortunately facing threats to their safety in today’s increasingly polarized political climate," Cornyn noted of the uproar that's followed the unprecedented leak from the Court. "We must act to ensure Justices and their families are protected from those who wish to cause them harm by extending Supreme Court police security to family members," he added. 

The legislation is gaining steam already on Thursday morning, landing support from Delaware Democrat Senator Chris Coons according to a tweet from Cornyn.

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