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AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

As has been reported by Townhall previously, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson serves as a trustee on the board of the Georgetown Day School, where one of her children has attended. The school, along with Jackson, have expressed many woke, social justice-heavy values as core to the mission of delivering a so-called "progressive" education, so it's no surprise that the school has repeatedly had its second graders organize a "gender-neutral toy store" to push leftist lessons about gender identity and expression.


A video from the school's December 2019 event showed footage from the exercise and includes voiceovers from the second graders who participated:

To protect the students' privacy, the video above only includes the audio from the original video released by Georgetown Day School along with a freeze-frame in the original showing a "Gender Snowperson," along with definitions for cisgender, transgender, and non-binary.

"We had so much to learn and prepare before the toy store opened," one student says. 

"In one important lesson, we dressed dolls in different ways," said another of an exercise apparently aimed at showing different options for gender expression.

Another student explains that their classes "learned about gender expression, gender expectations and gender stereotypes."


"In other lessons we learned what cisgender means and what transgender means and we learned what it means to be nonbinary," says yet another student. 

"All kids should be able to play with toys they like," one student remarks at the end of the video, which is of course true. But it's also possible for second graders to be allowed to choose the toys that interest them without being indoctrinated in the ways of the woke left's gender politics. 

According to Georgetown Day School's 2019 IRS 990 Form, Judge Jackson was listed as a board of member in the period that began on July 1, 2019, suggesting that KBJ was in fact a board member during the time the gender-neutral toy store was organized by second graders. 

And while COVID shutdowns presumably prevented the school from holding another gender-neutral toy store in 2020, the Georgetown Day School posted a story on its site about an adjusted version of the exercise held in March of 2021. "While the students were not able to open their classroom to community members for an interactive gender-neutral toy store this year as they have in years past, the lesson continued as 2nd graders once again were able to learn about gender stereotypes and the ways toy marketing often perpetuates stereotypes," the GDS story explains. "To counteract what they saw as gender-segregated advertising, the students worked in teams to develop their own marketable toys that could appeal more expansively."


The "vision statement" that GDS claims its second graders drafted reads: "In Social Studies we are studying gender as part of our identity project. We learned that there are many ways people identify, not just boy or girl."

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